Monday, August 5, 2013

News! News! News!

Johnny and his boy, Turtle, or something like that.

It's late Monday, and there's plenty of college football news to go around, and unfortunately none of it is good news for TCU.  Yeah, the Johnny Manziel thing is great schadenfreude, but other than that I don't really give a shit because the NCAA will drag their feet on this deal and he will probably get punished while he's laughing his way to the bank in the NFL.  That's just how the NCAA go.  So I'm not going to spend anymore time dwelling on Johnny Fuggin Football and his buddy/manager/bitch  Nate Fitch being so full of themselves that they think a couple of rich, spoiled brats need 5 figures for some autographs even though daddy buys them everything they've ever wanted.  I don't expect much out of this, but I'll laugh my ass off if he goes down for this.  Gotta be smarter than that.

Our defense just got a lot less freckles

In TCU news, Joel Hasley has decided to leave the team.  Obviously a huge blow for the defense for a couple of reasons: 1) Hasley was penciled in as a starter at linebacker (at least at the start of fall camp) and 2) linebacker is our biggest position of weakness on defense, and arguably on the entire team.  Let's just say there were a lot of unknowns there and a serious lack of depth BEFORE Hasley quit.  Now, well, this could get interesting.  I will say that while the departure of Hasley definitely stings, I do believe the younger linebackers who will inevitably break into the lineup now are more athletic and could definitely become major players, but the likes of Sammy Douglas and Paul Whitmill better grow up quick, and Jonathan Anderson better learn to play LB asap.  For now, I'd expect the starters to be Paul Dawson and Marcus Mallett, both who had flashes of potential last year but still need to put it all together and prove they can play every down.  This situation sucks right now, but In GP I Trust, so hopefully we get it figured out.  Add this to the loss of OL Tayo Fabuluje last week and our depth has taken a pretty serious hit at our two biggest positions of weakness right now.  Ouch.

Who smiles during a mugshot?

As much as the Hasley news baffled and confused me while sucking all at the same time, I'd say the news that broke out of LSU tonight is even more confusing and baffling.  RB Jeremy Hill, who had been suspended for attempting to knock an innocent dude with a frat flop out cold on the pavement in shitty Baton Rouge, was just reinstated to the team by strict disciplinarian Les Miles.  Maybe if Hill didn't punch like such a bitch and could actually land a knockout blow, his suspension would've been upheld.  Speaking of blows, Hill was ON PROBATION at the time of this incident for charges of oral sexual battery of A 14 YEAR OLD!  You read that right.  Les Miles is allowing an assaulting, statutory rapist play football on August 31st.  Also, a special thanks goes out the the Louisiana legal system for not understanding what the purpose of probation is and clearly has no idea what the fuck it's doing either.  This dipshit should be in jail, yet he will probably be starting against us.  I guess Les Miles isn't ALL to blame.  I mean, he let the team vote on whether or not to bring Hill back, and...surprise!  They chose to reinstate him.  Keep it classy, LSU.  It will feel a lot better the beat them knowing that they harbor thugs, rapists and violent criminals.  If for some reason the TV show "Dexter" decides to come back and do another season, maybe it should just be him having his way with a bunch of LSU thugs.  How did allowing Tyrann Mathieu back on the team work out for you, Les?  Or Ryan Perriloux?  Not well?  Good to see your dumb ass can't learn a lesson.  

Les Miles is scared.  This proves it.