Friday, March 15, 2013

TCU-LSU National TV Season Opener Time Set

The TCU-LSU game time has now been set for the Labor Day weekend FBS season opener. The Cowboys Classic will be at 8:00pm CDT August 31st at Cowboy Stadium and will be broadcast nationally on ESPN.  This will be the 9th meeting overall for the two teams, with LSU holding a 5-2-1 edge in the series. However, it was LSU that TCU defeated in the 1936 Sugar Bowl for the National Championship that year, and the series between the schools began with the Frogs beating LSU 3-0 in 1931. This is also the second appearance of TCU in the Cowboys Classic, the first one resulting in a 30-21 TCU victory over Oregon State in 2010, when it was not the season opener telecast.
The national broadcast of this matchup between the Frogs and LSU shows how far TCU has come on the national stage. Many pundits who make early  predictions are calling this one as being fairly close but TCU's to lose, and some of those same pundits are saying that this could be TCU's year to not only win the Big 12, but if the stars align and the blood gets spit in the right direction to make a run for the National Title.
While it is admittedly early days yet, it looks more and more like the Killer Frogs are back! Just wait until the season gets closer - white, black and purple will not just be TCU's colors, but black and purple will also be the colors of many of the Frogs' opponents once TCU and GMFP are done with them. 

Now if we can just avoid last Spring's shenanigans.....