Wednesday, December 25, 2013

TCU Hires New Assistant Coach From Tech

Guess what folks? We might.....just might, maybe, could be, possibly....have some real offense next year to go with our usual monster defense. Sonny Cumbie, the mind behind the Texas Tech offense that ran several major programs into the ground and whimpering off the field last season, was named by Coach Gary Patterson as the new Assistant Coach for Quarterbacks for the Horned Frogs. He will be getting a substantial (although sources would not be any more specific than that) raise over his $210,000.00 allowance he got at Tech and will be given pretty free reign to help new Offensive Coordinator Doug Meacham turn the non-existent Horned Frog offense into something that can help our defense by actually, you know, scoring occasionally.

Sonny Cumbie
Sonny Cumbie
The futures of Jarrett Anderson and Rusty Burns remain unclear. Both have looked somewhere between completely overwhelmed and totally confused in their roles as offensive co-corrdin...offensive coach....scoring gu...offensive what ever the heck it was that they were together. Another source in the TCU Athletic Department says that both have been offered other roles and positions within the TCU Football program. They also could possibly be looking for positions elsewhere in the FBS (or FCS) universe.

Coach Cumbie was on the Tech staff for the last four years, and served most recently as the co-offensive coordinator and outside receivers coach under Cliff Kingsbury, and was the only Tuberville assistant coach  that Kingsbury elected to retain. Cumbie was a three sport Letterman at Snyder high school in Synder, Texas, playing football, baseball and basketball and being coached by Coach David Baugh, the son of someone you might have heard of, Slingin Sammy Baugh. Cumbie played quarterback for Tech from 2000-04, beginning his Tech career at the same time as that Mike Leach guy - you know, the guy that just loves Craig James - started his coaching tenure out there. His senior year he led Tech to an upset win of the #4 California Golden Bears in the Holiday Bowl, outmatching his quarterbacking counterpart, one Aaron Rodgers (who went on to do fairly well in the NFL from what I hear) passing for 510 yards and completing 39 of 60 passes with three touchdowns.

Cumbie's wife Tamra is a Marriage and Family counselor, and they have one child.

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