Saturday, December 28, 2013

TCU Making Some Noise In The Big 12 In That OTHER Sport-You Know, With Hoops & Shorts

The TCU Horned Frogs! Slingin' Sammy Baugh...Bob Lilly....Andy Dalton.....His Majesty Dutch Meyer.....The Most Successful BCS Buster...The Rose Bowl....More BCS Appearances than Baylor (ok, I had to throw that last one in)...regular 10 win seasons and bowl games. TCU has become synonymous with football. 

Then there's Basketball and TCU. What that has been synonymous with over the last few years has involved antacids and other medications, therapy and hell freezing over so badly that even Dutch Meyer almost - almost - gave up. But he was upset. Really!
 Coach Trent MF Johnson
First, TCU lost to Harvard in basketball last month - everyone remembers that the Horned Frogs have a Basketball team as well as teams in those other sports as well, right? While TCU losing in hoops is not exactly news, it was this time, partly because of where they lost that made the news. They lost to Harvard in the championship game of the Great Alaska Shootout, which has featured a cornucopia  of college basketball bigshots in the past including Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, UCLA and Michigan State. And now, TCU. In the championship game. Losing, granted, but there.

Now, TCU prepares to delve into Big 12 play for the second season. They, just like powerhouse Kansas (OK, we can all be sure that we are talking basketball and not football now) TCU is 0-0 in Conference play. However, the Frogs are also 8-3 in non-conference play. That's right sports fans - they are .727, which is not that far off of Coach Patterson's all time win percentage. TCU is - dare I say it - a player in basketball. Or perhaps they are at least on the road to being one. You heard it here first - TCU is back in basketball, just as they will be in baseball this Spring and football next Fall when we beat, well, everybody. At least we can hope about that last part, but with TCU and the TCU ethic and class, it is always possible. Anyone who wants to argue about it can discuss it with our multi-national championship rifle team.

Remember, they don't miss.         


OK, all of this may not mean an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament just yet, but the Horned Frogs under second year head coach Trent Johnson have turned an impressive corner that began when they pulled a Kansas on, of all teams, Kansas and made national news with an upset first conference win that made the lead story on Sportscenter. Kansas finally beat West Virginia for another shocking in-conference win (at least in a long, long time) in football, remember? Our upset was far cooler.  "This is Sportscenter and lets go to TCU where...". "Wait...Is that cue card right? TCU....Not Football.... Hmmm......Basketba...that's not very damn funny...REALLY!?!" 

And to add to the irony, every realizes that Coach Johnson played at Boise State, right? Sit a minute and let the cosmic wonderment of that little piece of ironic, truth-is-stranger-than-fiction reality wash over you. At 8-3 Coach Johnson's guys have almost won as many games in  pre-conference play as they won all flipping year last year! 

What ever happens for the rest of the season in Big 12 play, TCU can be assured of one thing. The men's basketball team is back, and yelling riff ram, bah zoo to anyone who can hear it.

The Horned Frogs conclude their non-conference schedule Saturday afternoon, December 29 at 1:00 pm at Daniel-Meyer and open conference play against the bootleggers...err, that's to say the Mountaineers of West Virginia at 3:00pm January 4th at Daniel-Meyer as well.

NCAA Tournament here we come! Or at least a much better season than last year!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Frogs Sign Two From Tyler Junior College

Coach Patterson announced the signing of transfers Kenny Iloka and Frank Kee from the Tyler Junior College Apaches in Tyler, Texas, who went 9-2 and were ranked 10th in the final JUCO National Poll this season. 
 Iloka                              Kee
The 6-foot-2, 209-pound Iloka is ranked as the No. 4 junior college safety in the nation by while Kee, at 6-foot-4 and 345 pounds, is rated third in the country among junior college offensive guards.
Iloka and Kee will retain two seasons of eligibility for the Horned Frogs and will be on campus for spring practice.
Iloka led the nation with 126 tackles, including 3 1/2 sacks, from his weak safety position in 2013. He was also a 1st Team All Conference selection. He added eight pass breakups as well at Tyler, which uses a very similar  4-2-5 defensive scheme to the Frogs. Iloka is the younger brother of Cincinnati Bengals' starting safety George Iloka, who plays with former TCU quarterback Andy Dalton. Iloka decided to transfer to TCU over offers from Texas and Texas Tech. He played in high school at Kempner High School in Sugar Land, Texas.

Kee was also a was also a 1st Team All Conference selection in 2013 and chose TCU over Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. Kee attended Timberview High School in Mansfield, Texas. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

TCU Hires New Assistant Coach From Tech

Guess what folks? We might.....just might, maybe, could be, possibly....have some real offense next year to go with our usual monster defense. Sonny Cumbie, the mind behind the Texas Tech offense that ran several major programs into the ground and whimpering off the field last season, was named by Coach Gary Patterson as the new Assistant Coach for Quarterbacks for the Horned Frogs. He will be getting a substantial (although sources would not be any more specific than that) raise over his $210,000.00 allowance he got at Tech and will be given pretty free reign to help new Offensive Coordinator Doug Meacham turn the non-existent Horned Frog offense into something that can help our defense by actually, you know, scoring occasionally.

Sonny Cumbie
Sonny Cumbie
The futures of Jarrett Anderson and Rusty Burns remain unclear. Both have looked somewhere between completely overwhelmed and totally confused in their roles as offensive co-corrdin...offensive coach....scoring gu...offensive what ever the heck it was that they were together. Another source in the TCU Athletic Department says that both have been offered other roles and positions within the TCU Football program. They also could possibly be looking for positions elsewhere in the FBS (or FCS) universe.

Coach Cumbie was on the Tech staff for the last four years, and served most recently as the co-offensive coordinator and outside receivers coach under Cliff Kingsbury, and was the only Tuberville assistant coach  that Kingsbury elected to retain. Cumbie was a three sport Letterman at Snyder high school in Synder, Texas, playing football, baseball and basketball and being coached by Coach David Baugh, the son of someone you might have heard of, Slingin Sammy Baugh. Cumbie played quarterback for Tech from 2000-04, beginning his Tech career at the same time as that Mike Leach guy - you know, the guy that just loves Craig James - started his coaching tenure out there. His senior year he led Tech to an upset win of the #4 California Golden Bears in the Holiday Bowl, outmatching his quarterbacking counterpart, one Aaron Rodgers (who went on to do fairly well in the NFL from what I hear) passing for 510 yards and completing 39 of 60 passes with three touchdowns.

Cumbie's wife Tamra is a Marriage and Family counselor, and they have one child.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

....and A Happy New Year From All Of Us At  

Have a wonderful Holiday season!


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