Thursday, September 12, 2013

Predictions Thread: Texas Tech Edition

I was at the game in Lubbock in 2004.  The worst part wasn't being up by 21 points in the first half to only see TCU lose 70-35. It wasn't driving to Lubbock that morning and then driving back to Fort Worth in the same day.  The worst part of that day was what happened at our last truck stop in Abilene, Texas. I slide my mountain dew across the counter along with my two dollars. The cashier scans it and hands it back to me. Before I can give it back she takes it back and asks, "What happened to those Frogs, huh?" I don't remember her name, but I'll hate her forever.

The Frogs are favored by 3 on the road.
What will be the final score?
Who will be the offensive MVP?
Who will be the defensive MVP?
What is the right amount of time to spend in Lubbock for a game against Tech?
What is your favorite story that includes "Lubbock" and "STD?"

Leave it all in the comments.


DesertFrog said...

nice dig on the fanbase without blatantly digging on the fanbase.

Frogs roll

DesertFrog said...
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Todd Carruth said...

I was at the game last year. One of the most exciting and craziest finishes I've ever witnessed live and in person. Turnovers make the difference tonight. TCU by 3.

Rex Kramer said...

I got peed on in Lubbock the night before that game in 2004... worst weekend of my college life. F Lubbock.

THEFINCH said...

31-17 Frogs

Beware of Frog said...

35-13 Purple

Justin Honesto said...


Scoreboard x 2