Friday, September 27, 2013

Morning Dump: 9/27


Tanner said...

You what being in the big 12 hasn't helped? our game times.

4 games and we already have one Thursday game (which we are less than awesome in) and two 11am games. The only game that was prime time was OOC and at a neutral site. I thought we saw the last of at least the terrible Thursday games after leaving MWC.

As a side note: our offense is an unmitigated disaster. Pachall isn't coming back, Boykin is.....well you all saw him. Let's just start the new kid and let him get some time under his belt. Thoughts?

TCU Dave said...

This week's game is prime time on Saturday night against OU. Let's hope that we avail ourselves of the prime time spotlight more effectively this time. I think that our offense will show up this time as Boykin gets settled and realizes that the mantle of "starter" is now on his head permanently and is his job to lose.

Now, if we can just superglue Skye Daws....I mean Brandon Carter's hands so he doesn't muff punts, and then get GMFP to, you know RUN THE DAMN BALL then we should be in a good spot to repeat our 2005 visit to Norman.

Our secondary looks great as per usual, and defense will not be a problem. All we need to do now is run the ball and light up the scoreboard.