Monday, September 30, 2013

Morning Dump: 09/30

TCU 48 SMU 17 -
Rain Awakens Frogs from their Slumber - Star-Telegram
Breaking Down the 48-17 Win - Star-Telegram
"Paying a Premium for Mediocrity Wears Thin After Awhile" - Dallas Morning News
Quick Hits from Chuck Carlton - Dallas Morning News
Patterson Sits Brandon Carter for Two Series - Dallas Morning News
Notes and Quotes from the 48-17 Win - Dallas Morning News

TCU Still Looking to Play a Complete Game - Star-Telegram
After Slow Start TCU Finds Fresh Faces to rout SMU - Star-Telegram
Best in Texas Poll - Dallas Morning News
Frogs Still Aiming to Improve after Win - TCU360
What we Learned in the Big 12: Week 5 -

Breaking Bad:
"Felina" - It's all Over Now -
Felina -


tyler said...

a morning dump and some retweets is about all we get on this site anymore

Reed said...

yea no hate week was disappointing

Rob Tentoy said...


JT said...

*shrug* honestly this site is pretty much done. At one time I got most of my TCU football news and commentary here, but now I check in at KFC and TheFrogHorn for it.

I'll keep checking it for sure, and I hope it gets back to where it once was, but I'm not holding my breath.

Wreckem272 said...

As a Red Raider, I'm even disappointed in the decline of this site. I found it entertaining and I read it every morning. I hope it gets back to where it was. Nobody is nearly as good at insulting my University as you guys. Anyways, good luck with the rest of your season.

Reed said...

i almost wish they would take the site down, so i stop checking it

Wreckem272 said...

You guys probably don't care about my opinion because I'm a Tech fan, but don't get down on your football team because of the past couple of years. That's just how the Big 12 goes. You'll have bad years but you'll also have good years too. Just keep supporting your players.

Rotten Arsenal said...

This site is sad. Much like everything about the current football team and the attendance.

LezzGetFroggy said...

This site sums up TCU football at this very moment. Nobody gives a shit. It's very disappointing.

cody cowgill said...

So the person in charge of the site is a band Waggoner? No posts since Sept 30.

Rob Tentoy said...

Band Wagon? Doubtful. What happened was that the guys that started this site discovered that life takes up a lot of time and that left less and less time to post. Additionally, egos and arrogance got in the way resulting in some non-founding writers getting pissy and leaving so there was less new blood.
And the comments sections became civil war battlegrounds between know-it-alls.
And so new content became scarce and readers became alienated and the team started to suck.

And so now you have this rotting bloated corpse of a blogsite.

It's a shame... this was, at one time, a pretty cool place. Nice alternative to pay sites and the assholes over at KillerFrogs.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Egos and arrogance got in the way? Come now. For egos and arrogance to become an issue there typically has to be money involved which in this case I can assure you there was not.

We were all in our mid 20s when this deal was rolling. Now most of us are 30, have kids and have jobs that don't allow us to blog all day. Besides, at some point hiding behind the internet so you can say the F word a lot about other schools loses its novelty. It's the breaks of growing up.

If you want to know the real breaking point it was the Tech debacle of last year when they made it person and tried to get one of our blogger fired. That's not good for anyone. So, if you want to blame anyone, blame the Bros.

I'm as bummed as anyone that spitblood is legally dead because I used to really enjoy coming and writing and interacting, but times change. Back to the egos and arrogance thing about new blood, it was quite the contrary - we have made a BUNCH of attempts to bring in new blood, but they either weren't right for the site or they didn't pull their end. We needed the next generation to step up and they failed to do so.

We'll always have the great Killerfrogs rumble of yesterday and our shiny blurb award from the FW Weekly....

Rob Tentoy said...

SWW... Most of what you say is true and I agree... but the "new blood" problem started with the whole EdK thing. That got ugly and probably started the first cracks in the foundation that the Tech debacle finished off.

Rob Tentoy said...

I'll even give you a date that started the end:

Monday, March 5, 2012
The Ed K Saga

THEFINCH said...

Rob, your historical analysis of the Spitblood rise, reign, and fall could not be more inaccurate. The Ed K Saga had absolutely nothing to do with the start of the end. I lost my two best writers because they grew up, then I grew up too. Pretty simple.

Rob Tentoy said...

Whatever, Finchy.