Monday, September 16, 2013

Morning Dump: 09/16

What we learned in the Big 12: Week 3 -

TCU's new Hitting Coach is Nicknamed the "Hit Doctor" - Frogs O' War
Lupton Scheduled for upgrades - Star-Telegram
Pictures of Lupton upgrades -

TCU Wins a Thriller against #25 Alabama -

TCU beats Ole Miss to win tournament -

  Breaking Bad Recaps:
Ozymandias -
Ozymandias: Roll out the Barrel -

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Porkins said...

I have one question. Who is our future QB? Do we really feel that TB is our best shot to win next year or even the year after that? If the answer is NO then you must ask yourself, what our plan is for this year after our two losses. The easy answer is get to a bowl game, but who cares if next year we are sitting in this same boat moving in the same direction.

I love what TB has done for this team, but I think his QB ceiling is rather low. Tyler Matthew may not be ready, but the experience he would get over the next 9-10 games would be invaluable. I think we all can agree that he has the potential to take TCU were it wants to be. Let's give him the chance now.