Monday, September 9, 2013

Is The A-Pachall-Lypse Already Here?!

So with Pachall out for the meat of our Big 12 schedule, the question becomes “Hey, Gary, is it over?” No, my friends. The only thing that went down with Casey’s surgery is the belief that somehow he was an upper-echelon QB that was going to put us over the hump and propel us to win the Big 12. His injury pretty much coincided with the realization that he was not the guy we all hoped he would be this season. What it did was make the offense’s waffling over how best to utilize Boykin’s skill set a much easier decision, one that doesn't involve him being shoehorned into a receiving outfit who has plenty of talent elbowing each other for playing time as is.

What does this mean for TCU going forward? We will find out quite a bit more on Thursday evening, then regardless of how that ball bounces, we will have 16 days to regroup and come up with a firm plan for SMU followed by a tough October slate.

Things to look for:
1.       The end of going under center less than 2 yards from the goal line or 1 yard from first down marker.
2.       The return of a read option based offense.
3.       More rushing yards god damnit.
4.       Significantly less utilization of aforementioned receivers, though hopefully less so than last year.

I for one, thought last year was a great time. We absolutely took our lumps and I am still butt hurt about that bowl game, but Boykin was a fun guy to watch and wasn't completely benign sans the second half of OK State. We’re finally going to see if that shit about Pachall/Boykin being neck and neck was true or just coach speak. There’s no question which one has performed the best up to this point, but honestly the competition level has been two sides of the extreme.

Let’s try and compare our situation to a few others. Texas for instance, gave up the most rushing yards I've ever heard of a team giving up ever and canned their DC the next day, probably because they couldn't get the paper work together to do it in the 4th quarter. Oklahoma, scored less points on a defense then William & Mary did the week prior. WV and Kstate have some QB questions as well, and Oklahoma State just had an article released about them sexing up recruits, which will probably not come into play this season, but is hilarious none the less. The point is that everyone has problems, even TxTech will have to pick sides when Brewer is able to suit up.

How do y’all feel about TCU today? I am having a tough time feeling like this season has even started….but am excited about the potential and the fact that we didn't lose to the SCLSU Muddogs. Is catching Tech this early a good thing or a bad thing? They have so much hubris over Mayfield that we could pop them in the mouth early and they would have an extremely difficult time recovering. Or they could ride him early and often against a secondary that hasn't quite lived up to the billing we all pinned them with during the preseason. 


JT said...

I think Boykin earned the job with his performance even given a healthy Pachall. For whatever reason Casey hadn't been able to shake off the rust in the first two games, and there is no doubt that the offense executed much better with Boykin taking snaps.

That said, Pachall's loss means that we are down a major weapon and major gamechanger if needed. With the way Boykin plays, we may get to see if Tyler Matthews can game before the end of the season. Boykin needs to learn how to slide, and fast.

I am excited to see what this team can do with no QB controversy, which was a distraction. Boykin should be more than up to the task. I also don't expect our WR corps to be as under-utilized as last year - Boykin's throwing arm seems to have greatly improved since last year.

Beware of Frog said...

Undoubtedly agree with last point. We should not anticipate another outing where he throws nine passes, even if that same team appears to have a similar weakness this year.

Rebecca said...

This season, I began with sheer joy and anticipation to see Casey play again, but he just didn't have the same edge he had before. But Boykin seemed to bring an energy and confidence to the pocket that I expected from Casey. I hope Casey heals quickly, but I think we have our quarterback. The team knows it and real fans know it. I'm pretty sure the sports mongrel media has no clue.

Rebecca said...
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Cowtown Food Junkie said...

The reason our secondary has underperformed is the lack of a pass rush from the front 4. We played almost nothing but base D in the first two games. Fields' return will help the secondary quite a bit. I think the team will be amped up for the game against wRectum Tech.

Todd Carruth said...

I think Boykin is just one of those guys that inspires winning. The team responds him. I wanted Casey to come back and be the QB we all know he could be but it just didn't happen. I'm still excited about this season.