Thursday, August 1, 2013

USA Today Coaches Poll

The USA today coaches poll came out today, and shocker, our expectations for TCU are apparently not in line with the coach’s population. According to the averages, we are gauged to be the 20th best team, behind B12 running mates Oklahoma State at 14, Texas at 15 and OU at 16. No surprise with Alabama at 1, undefeated Ohio State at 2, but after that it’s less automatic. Coaches must not think their job is essential to the program because Oregon’s expectations stay sky high with first time HC Helfrich at the helm, coming at 3rd. Fellow Pac-12 BCS bowl winner Stanford, checked in at 4.

After that it is a lot of the same, tons of SEC heavy hitters (LSU #13), your overrated ACC team(s), Sugar Bowl champ Louisville. 7 of the last 9 spots are occupied by meddling Big10 and Pac12 question marks. Boise state of all teams, taking the spot right in front of us, I feel kind of bad for those guys now.

So what does all this mean? Nothing. There are countless polls out there and of course they are all meaningless leading up to the season. Even if TCU’s position only goes down from here, and it could after the news on Fabuluje came down this morning, it will only give us a better opportunity to overachieve. This is at guys, football starts the last day of this month. 


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