Friday, August 30, 2013

Morning Dump: 08/30

TCU's Defensive End Odyssey is a Dream Come True - Star-Telegram
Football Preview: Pachall is the Big 12's Best QB - Star-Telegram
Predicting the Horned Frog's Fortunes This Season - Star-Telegram
College Confidential: Who will Win Saturday - Star-Telegram
TCU to dig into Bag of Tricks? - Associated Press
What to Watch in the Big 12: Week 1 -
Breakdown: TCU vs. LSU - TCU360
Youth is No Excuse this Season - The Daily Skiff
Breakdown Offense: TCU v. LSU - The Daily Skiff

Volleyball hopes to build on Big 12 experience - Star-Telegram

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CounselorFrog said...

This is a good one from the American Press whatever the hell that is.

A few good lines:

"if LSU ever scored 53 points and lost, it’d shut down the school, maybe denounce statehood."

"Win or lose it figures to look just like another SEC game for the Tigers."