Friday, June 14, 2013

LSU Transfer Cornerback David Jenkins Expelled From TCU After Burglary Arrest.

From the "Oh No! You Have GOT To Be Kidding!.......And Why Does This Sound Soooo Familiar??" department, TCU defensive back and LSU transfer David Jenkins, who was expected to see considerable playing time this season as the #2 on the depth chart behind Kevin White, has been dismissed from the team and expelled as a student from TCU, according to the school. Coach Patterson issued an email stating that he was "very disappointed" in Jenkin's alleged actions. TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte issued a statement as well that said in part “When our student-athletes do not conduct themselves as proper members of the campus community, they lose the privilege of representing Texas Christian University and wearing the Horned Frogs uniform”.

To read more from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram click here and from TCU 360 click here.


Rob Tentoy said...

“When our student-athletes do not conduct themselves as proper members of the campus community, they lose the privilege of representing Texas Christian University and wearing the Horned Frogs uniform”.

Huh... I wonder why he didn't finish his comment with "that is, unless you happen to be the star QB in which case we'll make exceptions"

TCU Dave said...

Actually, what TCU did with Casey Pachall is what they do with most students who find themselves in the same boat. One of the elements that makes TCU such an excellent institution is their commitment to not only traditional education, but also education of mind, body and spirit. That includes substance abuse, where students are usually given the option to deal with the problem and come back and complete their educations, which Mr. Pachall chose to do.

Mr. Jenkins was arrested - and very important to remember not yet convicted - for serious, intentional, non-substance dependence related (at least as far as we know) charges. This is significantly different. I am sure that if Mr. Jenkins is acquitted, he will also be given another chance on the team as well. Do you think they should carry Mr. Jenkins until his trial is over and a verdict in? Doing so would, it could be argued, be fairer. But unlike Pachall, this case is about deliberate, planned criminality instead of someone committing a crime (DWI) because of a disease (addiction). It is also true that the public does not know all of the details and we might find out something later that caused them to act so quickly.

I would be interested to hear what others think - did TCU jump the gun on Mr. Jenkins?

Does anyone know why Jenkins transferred from LSU? Some added historical perspective might make this situation clearer.

Rob Tentoy said...

You might have a point had TCU done something when Pachall screwed up one of the times prior to the DWI... like when he failed the drug test (and they kept it under wraps) and then when he admitted publicly to failing the drug test which included more than just weed. Or the "foil hat" incident that got his girlfriend kicked off the soccer team.
Had there been a 2 game suspension or some sort of public punishment, then perhaps I could go along with the "let's help the poor boy" mentality. But what this looks like to me is favoritism.
Get arrested selling drugs and get expelled within hours (without waiting for a trial).
Break team rules, get a 2 game suspension.
Get arrested on suspicion of burglary, get expelled within hours.
Drugs? Let's cover that shit up as best we can until he forces our hand and then we'll come up with some workaround to get him back on the field.
Pachall has had known problems for at least a year (probably more) prior to the DWI, but they were kept from becoming media issues.

You want to make a statement about no putting up with BS from your "student"-athletes? Go hardcore on the star. Getting rid of bench guy doesn't really show you are serious.

TCU Dave said...


You lost me on part of this. What is the ""foil hat" incident"? I missed that one.

Rob Tentoy said...

Exactly. Swept under the rug... partly because Pachall's mom went apeshit on a couple of websites until they took them down.
Bizarre Photos Emerge of TCU QB

Of course, nothing ever disappears from the internet, so you can still find them easily with a Google search for "Casey Pachall tinfoil" (Or go visit our close friends at ponyfans or baylorfans)

It should be noted, since you seem to be the sole heir of what's left of SpitBlood, that this was mentioned at the time on SpitBlood (in the comments section, anyway) as well as friend of SpitBlood Angry Trey's blog

My point? This happened in July... of 2011. He hadn't even started a game yet.
Now, I'll be the first to say that these pictures mostly just look like an underage college jock being stupid at a party. Except that a) action was taken to get these things removed from the internet and b) something happened that was important enough for his girlfriend to be suspended for the season from the soccer team.
Maybe they were just embarrassing photos, but somebody else was punished significantly while Pachall apparently wasn't.

The dude was a problem waiting to happen and if the powers that be (coaches, athletic admin, etc) didn't think it wise to crack down on Pachall for whatever the hell happened here, then they aren't as smart as I thought they were. And then he gets caught up in the drug scandal 6 months later and... no significant action taken by those in charge.
If he has/had a drug & alcohol problem, it should have been pretty freakin obvious by the time his roommate was banished from Frogland. Some people can hide it well, but let's face it, Pachall is not the brightest bulb in the pack and I doubt his ability to pull the wool over anybody.

The DWI was not his first strike and this isn't his second chance.