Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New TCU Statue Redefines "Killer Frog" - Everyone Gets To Pet The Frog Next Season!

The new statue, designed by Steve Gray, was inspired by his visit to the now famous 14-10 TCU victory played at Clemson on September 29, 2009. Gray noticed the Clemson tradition of Clemson players rubbing Howard's Rock for luck as they took the field. 
While the Rock didn't produce enough luck to beat the Frogs that game (let's face it, there isn't that much luck), Gray thought that having a similar Frog in place at the newly renovated Amon G. Carter Stadium would help give opposing teams even more explanation of why Carter Stadium is nicknamed "Hell's Half Acre" by giving the Horned Frogs some good luck to go with their great talent and ability. 
The 1,200 hundred pound, 8 foot Frog statue in the stadium's east plaza will be a new touchstone for fans and for future tradition. Coaches, players, trainers and water boys alike of the TCU team will touch the statue as they arrive in Frog Alley 2 hours before the game. As fans arrive they will also have the opportunity to touch the statue for good luck (even Horned Frogs need some occasionally)
We here at Spit Blood are going to insist on calling this new ritual "petting the Frog" from this moment and into perpetuity.
There are several good stories on the statue and its dedication ceremony at the end of spring practices, including this one on Yahoo! sports, on SB Nation and the most thorough one on TCU Magazine.
Long live the Frog! *and be sure to pet him at least once a week*!

(Soon we begin our first installment on the care and feeding of Monster Killer Frogs That Eat SEC Bigshots and "Mettenburgers" (with Cajun onion rings) For Dinner)


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