Saturday, April 27, 2013

Boyce Goes In 4th Round, Maponga in 5th

Josh Boyce was drafted by the New England Patriots as the 5th pick of the 4th round (102nd overall) of the 2013 NFL Draft, about where he was predicted to go, although the Patriots selecting him was something of a surprise.

Stansly Maponga was drafted as the 20th pick of the 5th round (153rd overall) by the Atlanta Falcons.
The following were not drafted and will become free agents:
  1. Matthew Tucker (RB) Rating 56.0 
  2. Blaize Foltz (OG) Rating 55.5 

Congratulations to Josh Boyce and Stansly Maponga, and to the other guys hang in there - you will make it to the show too !


hfrog355 said...

Boyce should catch on fine in NE. He's probably the 3rd or 4th best WR on the team after a short adjustment period and since Amendola can't be relied upon to survive the season, he'll probably get some PT sooner rather than later. Still wish he'd stayed in school.

Maponga in a pretty good situation since ATL had one of the worst DL in the league last year. Probably going to make the roster at the very least.

UDFAs and my best guess on 2013 role:
- Matthew Tucker - Philly, practice squad at best
- Skye Dawson - Washington, KR/ST if he makes the roster. Probably cut.
- Blaize Foltz - NOLA, Probably not making it through the summer.

Glad to see someone still has keys to the blog.

hfrog355 said...

Also, Jerry Hughes traded to the Bills. Pretty sure that's worse than getting cut.

TCU Dave said...

I agree - the only thing worse than playing in Buffalo would be doing, you know, anything in Detroit, or SMU.

hfrog355 said...

Lots of Horn Forgs in the news, none of it good:

Also, DWash apparently wanted for domestic assault.