Friday, February 15, 2013

Morning Dump: 02/15

Baseball @ Ole Miss: Friday 4pm; Sat. 1:30pm; Sun. 12:00pm
Weekend Series televised on RebelVision for $9.95 a month
College Weekend Preview: TCU @ Ole Miss - Baseball America
Projecting the Field of 64, already -
Tougher Neighborhood isn't a worry for TCU - Star-Telegram
Winds of Change Blow Lupton's Fences Closer - Star-Telegram
#12 TCU opens at #13 Ole Miss - Frogs O' War
Greatest Threat to TCU Baseball, the Cost of TCU - Frogs O' War
Baseball Inside Voice: Three More Days - Frogs O' War
TCU opens season at #13 Ole Miss -
Baseball to be televised a total of 18 games -
TCU predicted to finish second in the Big 12 by coaches -

Basketball Analysis: Women 7-16 (0-12) Men 10-14 (1-10)
TCU Women lose after BLOWING a 22-point halftime lead - Star-Telegram
TCU places 2 on academic all-Big 12 - Star-Telegram

Notes on a Scorecard -


general125 said...

I hope that's enough basketball analysis for the five of you that still care. I'm not above posting a 5-day old article about the loss to Oklahoma but why? Here's your analysis, Oklahoma is better than TCU. Our Men's team only has 8 scholarship players and they have a new coach. We all knew this year would be like this.

Personally, I love football and baseball, but I sound like an ESPN-level ass when I write about them. I find Basketball and recruiting talk tedious.

If anyone has any other sites they follow for college baseball, shoot me a link on twitter <a href=">@stonereport</a>. What you see above are the sites I've found and read most often. Lupton is going to be great this year. I can't wait to go to some of the games. I'm not going to miss playing Air Force 6 times a year and ruining our RPI. And ending the year with Texas is going to be glorious.

I'm sure Finch would love to have someone write about any of these sports. His email is off to the side.

general125 said...

Damnit, I hate blogger and it's shitty rudimentary commenting system.

My twitter is @stonereport

bscooter26 said...

What's up with having to pay to watch and even listen to the radio broadcast of the game?

general125 said...

I think that's a "welcome to the big-time" gift from the Big 12.