Sunday, February 10, 2013

Morning Dump: 02/10

Cheerleader of the Week: Cheerleader of the Week: TCU's Nicole Renee

Basketball: Men Women
Coach Johnson irked at missteps after Kansas Win - Star-Telegram
Tougher 'Eers team beats TCU - Star-Telegram
Women can't hold early lead against Tech - Star-Telegram

Varsity beats Alumni - Star-Telegram
TCU Baseball Preview: The Relievers - Frogs 'O War

Football Recruiting talk:
Texas no longer holds the cards in recruiting - Austin American-Statesman
How Ole Miss did it - Andy Staples


SBP10 said...

What is wrong with spitblood?! I'm having to use Frogs O' War now :( What's up with the morning dumps? Basketball analysis? anything!

Reed said...

im praying shortnkerley and lyle get mega rich and can quit their jobs

JHale said...

Everybody is getting old!

hfrog355 said...

SNK and lyle are probably praying for the same thing.

SupFroggy05 said...

Is it just me, or is spitblood crap now? I'm having to seek out articles on my own, wtf.

THEFINCH said...

It's just you

Tanner said...

the Frogs O War people are a little too grounded for me, I've always been a huge fan of the blatant homerism that does on here.

I don't give a damn about your notion that Preston Morrison will somehow lose his spot in the rotation, I want to hear your prediction on how many 3-pitch innings he will have all season.

Fungo Frog said...

Tanner: He will have one, the first one, then....

general125 said...

Basketball analysis, you have to be kidding me.

Both basketball teams are terrible. It's not that they are bad at any one thing, it's that EVERYONE IS BETTER THAN THEM! Fuck you and your basketball analysis. Baseball season is here, that's all that matters.