Thursday, January 17, 2013

Morning Dump: 1/17

Programing Note: We'll post a dump after basketball game days for now.

Men's Basketball: 9-8 (0-4 Big 12)
K-State forgoes 4-guard lineup, easily beats TCU - KC Star
Kansas State overwhelms TCU - Star-Telegram
TCU SID Notes -

Women's Basketball: 7-9 (0-5 Big 12)
West Virginia holds off late rally - Star-Telegram

Preview: Schedule, Notes, What to Watch For - Frogs O' War

NFL Draft News:
Maponga enters Draft - Sporting News
Maponga leaves TCU - Yahoo! Sports
Maponga declares for Draft - Star-Telegram

Mac Engle:
Pachall's return to TCU is a win-win - Star-Telegram

Must Read:
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Notre Dame response - Deadspin


hfrog355 said...

Really sad to see Maponga go. Our pass rush was going to be insane next year. We will have to settle for very, very good.

JHale said...

Going to be rough but I think some of the new guys could be stellar. Hopefully they all have a great weight room offseason

TCU Dave said...

Fitness and weight training has always been the hallmark of Coaches Patterson and Bumpas' defense. TCU has always been well conditioned, and when all those freshman take the field again as sophomores and juniors, one thing that will not be a concern will be fitness and strength. That has not been a concern of any Gary Patterson coached team.

JHale said...

True that Dave. Coach Summers is pretty amazing with the weight room and conditioning. I experienced his wrath for a few years back in the day and his summer workouts were/are brutal.

TCU Dave said...

You are right - in terms of simple fitness and conditioning TCU has probably been in the top 2 or 3 every year since Coach Patterson took over. Even as far back as Coach Wacker fitness has been a stronger focus than most teams have had. That is one reason the defense has been so quick on the ball and so effective deep into games as other teams get gassed out. Patterson's athletes are simply more fit than just about anyone we play, and it shows. In particular I am firmly convinced that was the decisive edge in TCU's dismantling of the UT secondary on Thanksgiving. Next year I am pretty sure that the Killer Frogs are going to emerge. It is interesting that David Ubben has the Frogs winning the Big 12 next year - I think that as the "experts" start to seriously look towards 2013, TCU will get more and more focus as a leading contender.
Then of course the BCS will, rather than give credit to TCU for winning, once again blame OU and UT as being weak and having an "off year" rather than finally giving Coach Patterson and the Frogs the respect they earned years ago.

JHale said...

I can definitely see it. Not only the news outlets but everyone else in the B12 will be saying the exact same thing if we do win it. I think a W against LSU might silence a few people to start the year but I see that dropping off as soon as we lose a single game. If our offense can just sustain drives then our defense would have been unstoppable this year... let's hope the new RB core and improved tackles allow this to happen next year.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

Pachall returning will solve many of our offensive woes. A sober, healthy, motivated Pachall is pretty scary. Especially since the drunk driving, ecstasy and weed smoking, partying all week version was the #5 rated passer in the country at the time he left last season. Add him, Waymon, Aaron Green, and we have tons of firepower in 2013.

JHale said...

All starts with our O-line play though. Hopefully those guys can grow up and gel coming into next season. I sure hope we get Josh Outlaw as well! Word on the street is that we blew him away on the visit this weekend. Now we have to survive his visit to OU this next weekend.