Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Morning Dump: 01/22

Rifle Team:
Horned Frogs top Nanooks - Daily News-Miner
Frogs complete sweep in Alaska - gofrogs.com

Men's Basketball: 9-9 (0-5 Big 12)
Johnson: "I Hate Playing Slow" - TCU360.com
TCU's Men offensive woes undercut chance to beat Iowa State - Star-Telegram
Despite rough Big 12 start, TCU men still ready for challenge - Star-Telegram

Women's Basketball: 7-10 (0-6 Big 12)
TCU women miss shot in overtime, fall to K-State - Star-Telegram
TCU women ready for basketball rematch with K-State - Star-Telegram

2013 Season Preview: The Outfield - Frogs O' War


VikingFrog said...

The funny thing about all this road construction is that I have no fucking clue what they are building and where it is going. Other than the giant road from Bryant Irvin to Downtown. Unless it's all a part of that.

FrogHorn07 said...

My understanding is that it is a new toll road from downtown to Cleburne. https://www.ntta.org/roadsprojects/projprog/ChisholmTrail/Pages/default.aspx

VikingFrog said...

So basically a means to fill my local bars with more mid cities Ed Hardy D-bags? No thank you.

BigMo said...

The ramp from I-30 to I-35, Berry st University dr intersection, etc. is what happens when you have an aggie engineer designing and planning it.

hfrog355 said...

I had to move to Dallas for work and it cracks me up that my friends who still live in Ft. Worth point to traffic and construction as a major reason that FW > D. Don't get me wrong, FW > D, but traffic is a marginal difference at worst and probably a push.

hfrog355 said...

Sports related:
- How much of a badass was Washington?? I'll be anxious to see how that defense looks next year without Ray Horton though. Cards front office is laughably bad.
- I wonder what the travel expenses look like for a sports team from a college in Alaska. Glad we won after getting all the way up there though. (Tickets look like ~$800 each!)

Tyler said...

Whoever is in charge of FW construction is a fucking idiot. I don't know what the master plan is, but it's pretty much gridlocking the southwest quadrant of the city right now. Better be no traffic once this project is done.

general125 said...

I haven't seen the construction in a year. I'm not looking forward to that part of getting home.