Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2013 TCU Football Schedule

This hot from DeLoss Dodd's Cultroom and Evilness Contemplation Cente....err, that's to say from the Big 12 office, the 2013 TCU Horned Frogs Football Schedule.

Aug. 31 LSU @ Cowboys Stadium in Arlington
Sept. 7 Southeastern Louisiana
Sept. 14 at Texas Tech*
Sept. 21 Bye
Sept. 28 SMU
Oct. 5 at Oklahoma*
Oct. 12 Kansas*
Oct. 19 at Oklahoma State*
Oct. 26 Texas*
Nov. 2 West Virginia*
Nov. 9 at Iowa State*
Nov. 16 at Kansas State*
Nov. 23 Bye
Nov. 30 Baylor*
* -- Big 12 game

At least we get Baylor at home for once, as well as the Evil Austin Empire, the Moonshiners and football powerhouse Kansas. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Texas Not Coming To Fort Worth Next Thanksgiving

DeLoss Dodds- simultaneously UT's AD and Big 12 Commish

In what should come as a shock to absolutely nobody, Texas has agreed to a deal with Texas Tech to play in Austin again next Thanksgiving.  This basically assures that Texas will be playing a home night game on Thanksgiving until DeLoss Dodds is somewhere deep in the depths of Hell and Mack Brown is a senile, retired, and still clapping aimlessly like a seal somewhere in Del Boca Vista.

So does that mean that 2 years from now we come back to Austin for another Thanksgiving matchup with UT, or will they throw Baylor into the mix?  Honestly, I think it all depends on which team is trending upwards when the time comes to make that decision.  I really don't have too much of a problem with this at all actually.  I'd rather not have a bunch of UT fans flooding Fort Worth and the AGC on Thanksgiving, where it's likely that many of our fans/students would be away visiting families of their own.  The problem there is that when TCU fans leave town for Thanksgiving, there aren't 1 billion living alumni in the area to fill the stadium.  UT does not have that problem, so they'd be able to put more butts in the seats than we would want at a home game.

Hopefully next Thanksgiving weekend the Big 12 schedulers are nice enough to let us have Baylor that following Saturday, that way it's very easy regional travel and everyone can spend Thanksgiving with family and still not have a bullshit excuse for not going to the game.  In reality though, they'll probably ship us out to Ames, Iowa if they want to screw us over scheduling-wise like they did this year.

Personally though, I think the real reason DeLoss Dodds wants a Thanksgiving home game every year is because he doesn't want to have to pack extra depends for a car ride up I-35 after stuffing himself full of Thanksgiving fixins.  Also, pulling over every 30 minutes to attempt to pee would get really annoying too.  Congrats, old man.  You are clearly the decision maker in the Big 12.

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