Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Go Fergs!

Go Fergs!

Blackout Game

This is just a friendly reminder that Saturday's game against KSU has officially been dubbed a "blackout" game. As in, wearing black clothing, not the typical blacking out we're all used to. The official slogan is "Black out Cancer", due to this being the 8th annual Frogs for the Cure game to raise breast cancer awareness. So, if you don't have any black TCU gear, head on over to the Varsity to get some. I heard they have just received a lot of cool apparel for this weekend. Even though it's supposed to be really cold with lows in the 60's, lets all show up this Saturday to support the frogs and breast cancer awareness against the highest ranked opponent to visit the Carter since 1970. Go Frogs!!! Beat Tim Tebow Jr!!!

West Virginia Recap.

These sure are a lot more fun to do after we win, aren't they?  I was starting to think we had a curse of Sir Wesley, since we hadn't won a game since his, ahem, "retirement" from spitblood and I kept having to preview and recap losses.  Glad we can put that to bed now.

Let me start with a couple negatives just for a bit, because I'm not the type to sit here and pretend we played a perfect game.  I won't dwell on them for long, because nobody really wants to hear too much about that after a big, bowl clinching win.

First of all, the play calling still leaves a lot to be desired.  Weren't we told we'd see more rollouts from Boykin and more plays to get him out of the pocket with the ability to use his feet?  I don't recall seeing many.  In fact, the only designed rollout that comes to mind was the game winning 2 pointer.  More of that, please.  The 94 yard TD was made largely in part to Boykin's elusiveness, but not by design.  We need to get the guy in space more and stop making him a pocket passer.  Also, please for the love of God I do not EVER want to see the short side option again. It doesn't work, and we all know Boykin and Catalon are better in space, not jammed up against a sideline.  In their defense though, that Carter to Fuller TD was a thing of beauty.  Great play call there.  Maybe we shouldn't be so afraid of plays like that in the future when our offense isn't exactly churning up the yardage.

Skye Dawson- why do you make fielding a punt look F-ing impossible 75% of the time?  When you're not breaking one for 40 yards or so, which we all love, you're diving to make fair catches, not anywhere near the ball, or just flat out muffing the punt in general.  For such an explosive playmaker, you sure are becoming a headache that's hard to deal with.  Clearly I'm not the only one that thinks so either, because Deante Gray was back there late in the game.  Despite not breaking one or even trying to, he sure did make catching the punt look easy.  Give me safe from now on please, because that muffed punt almost (probably should've) cost us the game.  Now please, everyone feel free to make fun of me in the comments section for using the word muff several times.  I've earned it.

Looking back at the preview, might half-hearted pick of 38-35 TCU wasn't too shabby was it?  Totally saw that one coming, just like I totally saw Coach Patterson deciding to start just 1 linebacker and essentially move Sam Carter into a hybrid 2nd LB spot.  That man is a genius, because Geno Smith and the 'Eer's offense really didn't know what to think.  Their run game was never a threat and I think GP knew that would be the case coming in, so why bother with an extra linebacker that wasn't necessary?  Now there were a couple times when I saw Joel Hasley helplessly chasing Tavon Austin, who is a FREAK, around the field and almost vomited, but for the most part the defensive game plan was fantastic.  Let's give some serious props to Stansly Maponga as well, who not only played his heart out on 1 leg and managed to keep Geno uncomfortable all day, he's also had to tolerate plenty of backwoods, trailer trash bigotry directed his way via his twitter feed.  For the most part it's just the definition of sour grapes and sore losers, but once the racial slurs start flying, you're taking it too far.  Methinks there were a few WVU fans who spent too much time chasing their Moonshine with meth hits while watching "The Ghosts of Ole Miss" and decided it'd be a great idea to take to twitter for whining and racism.  Congrats guys- this is why people think WVU is classless.

Let's also give some love to Jason "Predator" Verrett for being the best cornerback in the Big 12.  5 picks leads the conference and every time they throw his way it get's broken up.  Can you say ball hawk?  Haven't seen a TCU DB with a nose for the football like that guy in years.  Outstanding game.  I spend a paragraph or so touting the aforementioned Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey as amazing receivers and they truly are, but Bailey was completely silent with the exception of the 1 TD over Verrett.  On said TD they even through what appeared to be an offensive PI flag but picked it up, and rightfully so.  And how could we forget his game saving blocked FG in OT where he flew off the right edge and sent it to OT2?  Jason Verrett, you're the man.  Don't ever cut your hair.

Offensively, that wasn't the prettiest game we've played.  In fact, Boykin looked totally off target for the majority of it, but clearly that guy has a knack for the big plays when it's needed.  The Tech comeback a few weeks ago was a great glimpse into his leadership capabilities, but what we saw Saturday afternoon was legendary.  I was about ready to give up on that game before he miraculously scrambled and found a wide open Josh Boyce for a 94 yard game tying TD.  That.  Was.  Awesome.

Josh Boyce- can we start building a statue of you outside of the stadium somewhere please?  Talk about a big game player!  Utah as a freshman, Baylor and Boise last year, and now this?  Holy shit man.  I knew Boyce was fast, but I didn't know he could turn on the afterburners like he did on that 94 yard scamper.  I didn't believe that he was our fastest receiver when I heard it before the season.  I sure do believe it now though.  As for the 2 point conversion- did you just walk up to GP and say "run the Boise play"?  Very, very similar to the 2 pointer that beat the smurfs last year.  I believe I saw someone saying on the spitblood facebook page that he didn't catch it but whatever because a win is a win, but upon further review I don't know how anyone could say he trapped that ball.  My lenses may be purple colored, but that sure as Hell looked like a clean catch to me, and the replay officials as well.  So nobody else's opinion matters.  TD.  Frogs win.  Also, will the commenter with the alias "Hank Moody" please come forward and apologize for completely bashing Boyce in the comments on Saturday?  Nobody is mad, we just think Boyce (you know, the guy who won the game?) deserves an apology.

Just a few more quick hits...
  • Raise your hand if you had Dominic Merka as our first TE to score a TD this year?  Nobody.  Props to Paul Dawson for jarring that ball free from the punter as well.  
  • Gary Patterson HATES going for the tie on the road as the underdog.  I LOVE that he hates it so much.  That takes some serious stones, but I wouldn't have faulted him if it had failed.  One day that approach will cost him, but I won't be mad.  Keep doin' what you do, coach.  That's why they call you GMFP.
  • Tavon Austin is just unreal.  I'm so glad that dude is a Senior.  He's like Skye Dawson with sure hands and quicker jukes.  I thought we were toast when he housed that punt return.  
  • I said to win Boykin needed to play a clean game, and with the exception of the red zone INT he pretty much did.  It wasn't very pretty at times, but with 1 exception it was clean.  That was a terrible play call as well, for the record.  ROLL HIM OUT.  Give him the option to run it when we are that close.  He's pretty athletic, last I checked, and like GP said, he's not Dan Marino.  
  • Jaden Oberkrom is reminding us that he's still just a freshman.  He will be a great one, but there will be growing pains.  Thanks to Jason Verrett, those growing pains haven't cost us a ball game.  
Bring it on Kansas State.  I can't wait for Gus Johnson and the rest of the Fox Saturday night crew to make their way into The Carter this weekend.  Collin Klein- you can come too.  Or if you don't want to play, you don't have to.  Oh, and one more thing...

Still bowling.

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