Sunday, November 4, 2012

The "There Is No Joy In Morgantown,
For Mighty Dana Has Struck Out"

It was fascinating to watch the mood and attitude of West Virginia fans before the 2:00 Saturday afternoon kickoff, compared with the same moods and attitudes of those very same couch-burning, furniture-abusing fans after yet another instant classic, 2OT Big 12 game had ended. This game showed just how much talent there really is in the new and improved Big 12 (hey! TCU is a member, after all) and was also another warning shot to the entire nation regarding how good this TCU squad actually is and will continue to become in the foreseeable future. 
For those of you who were honeymooning, experiencing an alien encounter of the third kind of some sort (see below) or were in a medically induced coma, TCU won 39-38 in a 2OT game that was in many ways (winning it, for instance) even better than the 3OT game against Gumnut University two weeks ago. It was truly a classic.
This little soccer demonstration kind of captures the mood of most of the couch burning mountain man crowd coming into the game with TCU; they were certain that they would have an easy win against a team that they didn't seem to think very much of..........
 ....and here is an exclusive and top-secret photo of Dana Holgerson in the WVU locker room after the moonshine mountain men couch burning crowd lost to TCU - you know, the defending champion of that "inferior" Mountain West Conference that managed to wiggle its way into the Big 12 with them thar big mountain man boys from WVU simply because all they did was win a Rose Bowl and had a .930 win record or so - nothing all that impressive, right?..........
We here at Spit Blood consulted confidental sources who work for Coach Holgerson when he is in human form who wished to remain anonymous as they were not authorized to discuss on the record Coach Holgerson's transformation into a dangerous alien lifeform, and also didn't know what they are talking about. After speaking with them we are pretty sure that Coach Holgerson's face didn't stay that way, but he might have required medical attention from a really good cosmetologist after talking to his players after TCU's win and reverting to his "natural" appearance shown in the classified photo above.
Even more interesting was some of the, err, "informed" fan responses to losing to the Frogs. WVU has a number of independent fan websites. Lots of them as a matter of fact. Gobs of them. Perhaps around Morgantown after the 9:00pm curfew and street roll-up there isn't a lot else to do but read fan websites, but the magnificent mountain men certainly do have quite a few of them to choose from and blather on...and on....and on from. 
Ken Durbin, a poster on summed up the game rather well. "Hell froze over today. The Mountaineers were involved in a DEFENSIVE struggle in a thrilling double overtime game. You did not read that wrong: I said defensive....The West Virginia passing game also had some struggles against the Horned Frogs defense. TCU did a great job of jamming the WVU receivers at the line of scrimmage and staying with the Mountaineers down the field." Others stated that the Frogs were both "lucky and good", while many also started to experience reality finally setting in. "Championship quality teams don't make those kind of mistakes time and time again. And thanks to losses to Texas Tech, Kansas State and, now TCU, this will not be a championship team at WVU". And WVU Nose Tackle Shaq Rowell was heard to babble about Trevone Boykin in the West Virginia Metro News that ""That quarterback got hit about 40 times, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that. You guys saw how many times he got hit. There was times when he got hit and I heard him crying. I didn't think he was going to finish the game." " Hmmm, crying? Please give us a break Shaq. First off, great grammar with that high level WVU education there bucko. Also, with that name you are in the wrong sport. With your total lack of class you belong in the bush leagues of whatever sport will have you. You can't hold Mr. Boykin's jock, nor Mr. Maponga's, whom some of your little classless buddies decided to blather about a little later on Twitter. Even with lots of practice and training holding training jocks you couldn't come close.  
Stansly Mopanga also got some really nasty tweets from several "twits" at WVU who decided that if you can't beat 'em, insult 'em, which can be found on Stansly's Twitter page at
One of the biggest frustrations for many people in Frog Nation was the complete lack of respect that TCU received coming into the Big 12. While WVU was being picked to win the whole national enchilada by a number of "well-informed" pundits, TCU was barely being given the chance to place in the top half of the conference. Now TCU has a shot at second, and if they can pull off the admittedly unlikely upset of Kansas State at home next week they could still win at least a piece of the whole show. West Virginia, conversely, "will not be a championship team" this year in the Big 12. 
One day, some day, maybe the Frogs will be given the respect that Coach Patterson has earned since 2000. Its time. The Little Sisters Of The Poor grew up a long time ago. The West Virginia game proved that once and for all - TCU's toughness down the stretch made this in many ways one of those games people will point at a few years from now as a turning point, when all the freshmen and second string players become a formidable force. 
Next week: I am going to go out on a very long, somewhat creaky limb here and predict a TCU upset in OT against Kansas State. Not sure about the score, but after the way the Frogs showed up, as a team, last Saturday anything is possible! Not always likely, but certainly possible....OK - you heard it here first. TCU by a single point.


Sunday Morning Gloatfest

The 39-38 double-overtime win over West Virginia was glorious.  Here are some highlight videos that will allow you to savor the win like some leftover lasagna. The only downside is that most of us don't know work with any West Virginia alumni. I do. I promise to gloat with class for most of the day tomorrow. The feature I'm looking forward to the most this week is sour grapes.

Here are the fox highlights that won't embed.

This is a sample of my TCU twitter feed after the second OT touchdown.