Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Morning Dump: 09/11

The Skiff is at it again

Apparently NOT how some of our students want the crowd to look.

Usually I reserve this day of the week for some hate of our opposition as I mentioned last year, but for the second week in a row we start the season against an opponent who would be more suited to be on the field with Pascal High School.  Yes, I get that it's the conference opener and we shouldn't overlook anyone, but let's be real- if we can't beat Kansas, who just lost to Rice, we aren't going to want to see the end result of the remaining 10 games.  I really don't want to spend a few paragraphs telling you all what you already know either:  that Kansas wastes all of their money and resources on basketball, they suck at football, and Charlie Weis and his butter-filled arteries are one more Whopper Value Meal away from heading to Paternoville.  So you get the point.  Kansas isn't really worth my time and energy right now.

Luckily for anyone who's in need of hateful Spitblood content, the Daily Skiff or TCU360 or whatever it's called filled that void, thus filling yours.  According to the publication that tried to get Casey Pachall in as much trouble as possible before the season started (and ironically enough the publication that called for Pachall to start over Andy Dalton), apparently having a packed house and a full student section is a bad thing.

Now some of you will argue and say that it's not the Skiff that's to blame here, it's the student who is whining about not being able to get a seat because SHE SHOWED UP AT KICKOFF!  Yes, I agree with that point, but I'll get to that later.  My real issue is the fact that the Skiff, once again, has decided to publish a completely unprovoked piece of shit fluff article with a negative spin towards what was about as close to a flawless opening of a gorgeous new stadium as any of us could have possibly imagined.  Seriously, let's complain that there were too many students that went to the game.  Only the Skiff could try to spin that as being a problem.  Not to mention, the girl complaining (probably a friend of the girl who wrote the article, if I had to guess) got a seat to the game.  It's not like anyone was told "No" to going to the game.  They were just told to go find another seat, so what's the problem?  So the title of the article "Some students unable to get seats during Saturday's game" is incredibly misleading.  Again, I agree that students bitching and moaning is another issue here, but the fact that the Skiff found this worthy of being published might be the real tragedy here.

Now back to those poor, poor souls who had to be relocated from one free seat to another during Saturday's game because they showed up as the game was starting.  If you are one of those students, stop reading now because I'm going to make you feel very, very ignorant and small...okay, you've been warned.  You kids are complete morons who clearly have no idea how most bigtime college football programs with stellar fan bases are run.  You think other schools get to waltz into their stadium every Saturday for free and watch a top 20 football team year after year?  It just doesn't happen.  You have to BUY TICKETS at most schools you attend, or at least be a part of a lottery type system which by no means guarantees you a ticket to the game.

Look, TCU just finished a massive overhaul of the stadium.  Clearly some of you didn't notice the cranes, men in hard hats, and construction gates that have encompassed the stadium for the past 18 months or so.  We just joined one of the most prestigious athletic conferences in the country, so the days of just walking up and sitting wherever the Hell you want are long gone.  Quit complaining about having the majority of the lower section of the East side of the stadium.  Obviously the students did a fantastic job of filling those seats up and making it an intimidating atmosphere for Grambling, and props to those students for not being the dumb asses who thought they could show up to the grand opening of a stadium whenever they felt it was convenient and were appalled that the seats were actually full and they were forced to sit somewhere else (gasp!) FOR FREE.  Child please.

I don't want to spend too much time deciphering the entire article, but I'd like to hit a couple of high notes from a couple of our students who were taken aback by the unwelcoming free invitation into the new stadium that they got.  Clearly a couple of Mensa Club members we're dealing with here:

"...she walked in when the game started and did not get to sit down the entire first half due to over-crowding in the student section.  
'I was frustrated, we pay enough money to be able to sit down at our own homes games in the student section, instead we had to stand in the back.'" 

Oh, no!  You had to stand up...in the student section?!?!  Are you handicapped?  Are you a senior citizen?  If you answered no to both of those questions, then quit your bitching.  Stand up for a couple hours and shut the Hell up.  I bet it is frustrating for you too.  I'm sure you pay TONS of money to TCU, so you deserve a seat.  Oh wait, that's your parents.  I bet when they come in for a game, they pay money for a seat and get to sit down.  As for you- you don't pay a dime to anything, including your ticket into the game, so stand.  It's a football game.  Also, maybe if you want to get a spot to sit in, you shouldn't show up when the game starts, you dunce.

"...him and his friends walked in 10 minutes prior to kickoff and could only find seats in the upper section."

Again, get there earlier and you won't have this problem.  If you're griping about it now, try showing up 10 minutes before the game when Tech or OU are here.  You won't be able to find a seat in the upper section.  You just won't get in, and maybe that's how it should be.

"I do not want to worry about having to come to the game early just to find a seat."

Then please, by all means, don't worry about it and stay at home.  Clearly the student section and the fan base in general don't need you to be there if you're going to bitch and moan about standing for free at a football game in a brand new stadium that houses a perennial top 25 football team.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Students at other schools would be thrilled to have the opportunity you're been awarded, so either suck it up and accept that this is how it's going to be or stay at home.

This is not an attack on the students as a whole.  I thought they did a fantastic job Saturday filling up the stands early.  The attack is on those who are so clueless that they don't realize that with success and a new stadium things will be a little different now.  Have an appreciation for what you're experiencing, because this has been the golden age of TCU football and TCU athletics as a whole.  Don't get your panties in a knot because you're too busy doing nothing important to make it in to the game in a timely fashion.  As for the Skiff, quit running these pointless articles that demean your university and show a little respect.  This stadium was built for us by a handful of incredibly generous donors so you don't have to watch football games in a run down, ancient concrete dump anymore.  Show a little loyalty to your university, stop trying to shed negative light on what was a landmark event in TCU history and be thankful for what this school has given you.  Somewhere Dan Jenkins and Bob Schieffer are both giving you the middle finger.