Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spit Blood TCU College Pick 'em: Week 2

Holy crap I got my ass kicked in Week 1.  I don't count people that forgot to select the games.  In fact, I hate them.  All you have to do is set the email reminder and make your picks, too easy.  Also, they skew the average and I like my group stats to be pure.

84 people made their picks this week. The median of correct picks was 14 of 27 games.

Just to let you know the commissioner can't cheat, I'm in the group with 1, or second-bottom.  At least I'm not with the two that only got 10 right.

The toughest game was OU laying 31 points against UTEP.  Only 3 people picked UTEP.  The next biggest upset was Northern Illinois covering against Iowa. Only 9 people picked NIU.

Here are your leaders for the week.  The spreads are final today. The first game is Saturday.

RankPick Set NameTotal PtsW-L
14th Down Syndrome1919-8
2The Tairy Greene Machine1818-9
4The Commish1717-10
6Arian Race1616-11
6Club Seat Kid1616-11
6not up in here!1616-11

Weekend Preview.


Let's face it, team - the weekend preview post is often just as boring to write as it is to read.  With the way it used to be written, at least one of the teams in every matchup was likely discussed the week before and you've probably digested the endless national media takes on them anyway.  You also probably have at least marginal interest in game outside of the Conference and those close to our rankings.  Besides that, even if you're like me where outside of TCU the only other game directly impacting your happiness is the one that could hold the promise of a UT loss - sadly, it is not being played this week - you STILL probably have at least marginal interest in game not directly impacting our ranking and Conference standings.  So we're going to open this thing up.  Oh, sure, we'll take a look at the national, Conference and Rankings game of the week, but we'll also add in a dash of hate and a pinch of lulz to the stew.  So let's break this thing down categorically and see how it goes.  Categories are subject to change, but a lot of them will remain consistent week to week.

Game of the Week:  Direct Importance, Lurker:  The U @ #21 Kansas State/Purdue @ #22 Notre Dame (tie).  Everyone expected Kansas State to beat Missouri State at home this past weekend and, after some early stumbling, they did so handily.  No one expected Miami to beat Boston College on the road this past weekend and they did, which gives this game a bit of a SOS bump for the Wildcats.  On the other side, I'm not sure anyone expected Notre Dame to go to the Mother Country and tora! tora! tora! the Midshipmen the way they did, even with their starting QB suspended, but they did.  Well, no one except Lou Holtz who "expecth the Iristh to win all shwelve gamesth thish year," but you know how that goes.  For their efforts, Notre Dame moved up 4 spots from 26 to 22 while KSU made the leap from 22 to 21.  TCU held strong at 20 during the bye week but will get no favors even by trampling Grambling since I'm not even sure they play in a real Conference.  Notre Dame is probably the more dangerous of the two from a "leaping" standpoint as every voter in the country will want to move them into the Top 10 with a win, but keep watch on K-State as the media love the Bill Snyder story as much as any other.  If TCU takes care of business they should remain where they are at worst, but it's entirely possible a rankings slip could occur should the teams around them win as well.

Game of the Week - Direct Importance, Jumper:  #19 Michigan vs. Air Force.  We're all pretty clear about what happened to Michigan last weekend, right?  Right.  So we can all agree that that's not going to be generating too many positive vibes in practice this week.  But did you also know that Michigan lost their starting corner to an injury?  Or that a Michigan defense that gave up 232 rushing yards to Alabama will now be facing the top ranked rushing offense in the country, running the triple option to boot? An offense they more than likely did not focus on during the pre-season given the enormity of their opener?  Neither of those things are going to help much, either.  Keep an eye on this one.

Game of the Week - Conference Importance:  #18 Oklahoma State @ Arizona.  They're all out of Conference this week, and this could have easily gone to the KSU/UM game, but since we've already been there I'll switch it up.  Oklahoma State, fresh off of drumming Savannah State to the tune of 84-0 - the most points ever scored by a Big 12 team - gets to take on Rich Rodriguez' Wilcats who pulled out a shaky 24-17 win over Toledo.  Truthfully, though, that Zona score is a bit misleading as the Cats racked up 624 yards but had 3 turnovers to thank for the low scoreboard output; should they play to their potential, this one could be a hyper shootout.  SOS may not wind up being a huge factor for these two teams as the season wears on, but Conference bragging rights are at stake, although we shouldn't hate the Pac-12 THAT much.  After all, had they decided they didn't disdain the academic situation at Texas Tech as much as we do, the Big 12 might not even have existed for us to enter this year.

Game of the Week - National Importance:  N/A, but if I had to throw one out I guess it'd be... Georgia/Missouri?  Florida/aggy?  Nebraska/UCLA?  Washington/LSU?  In other words, your typical week 2 comedown after a week one high.

Game of the Week - Too Big For Their Britches - aggy vs. #24 Florida.  For the reason highlighted in at the top of this post.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Florida won two national titles since the last time aggy won their own Conference?  Hasn't Florida commanded their own state since the decade rolled zeroes and kept their rivals in check to the point that they've been able to remain in their own Conference without ridicule?  What am I missing here?  "Real Football?"  More like "Real irrelevant."  I'm no Gators fan, but my GOODNESS I will be rooting as hard for them as the most ardent Orange and Blue supporter out there.  Kevin Sumlin seems like a good guy, but I can't wait until he realizes the disaster of a situation he's stepped into in his first major coaching gig and gets the hell out.  Florida is not very good, but aggy is breaking in a new QB and offense in their first SEC game ever on national television with Gameday on hand.  Good luck with that.  At least now EVERYONE will get to see what a joke they are.

Game of the Week - Oops, I Crapped My Pants (Placeholder for UT Chokejob when applicable):  Texas Tech @ Necessary Roughnesses.  Fran!  Did you see what he did?  In Southwest's first FBS game in program history, he wiped the floor with the Houston Cougars by a score of 30-13.  From a Vegas perspective, it is believed to be the biggest upset in college football history.  Seriously.  He may have avoided letting the door hit him on the ass at 'Bama and turned aggy into an unmitigated disaster (cheers!), but he's right back in his element at Southwest.  REALLY glad SMU didn't hire him, although that's probably not off the table with the way things have started out for the Mustangs.  Tech came out and blasted Northwestern State 44-6 in their own opener, holding the Demons to 84 total yards while putting up 500 of their own, but playing Southwest on their home turf could be a HUGE trap game.  If both teams play to their abilities, Tech should waltz away fairly easily with a double digit win, but this is Tech we're talking about.  The same team that took down OU last year only to be blown out by an Iowa State team that wouldn't make a bowl the following week. Should make for some fun scoreboard watchin' at Amon G.  

Game of the Week -  Plain 'ol Hate:  N/A.  With Baylor idle the default pick is off the table.  Besides that, there isn't a whole lot upset potential in the other games that would qualify.  Regardless, should New Mexico (Texas) or Stephen F Austin (SMU) enter the fourth quarter playing the game of their lives, you best bullee I'll keep you all informed.  

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