Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Recap.

Typically this space would feature a more fleshed out look back at the weekend in college football.  Unfortunately this long weekend/short week have forced a tiny change this week.  On the bright side, though, you don't have to endure my ramblings as much as usual as I'm letting YOU, the readers, generate the content for this past weekend.  Consider yourselves part of our FW Weekly award winning team.  I'll help guide the conversation.

  • Baylor 59, SMU 24.  The biggest story of the weekend, at least from a TCU fan perspective, had to be the beating that went on in Waco.  SMU's defense REALLY took the whole "honoring the Sabbath, day of rest" thing to heart, no?  I think we can all reluctantly agree that hate probably caused us to underestimate Art Briles' post-Griffin coaching acumen, but yikes!  613 yards of total offense, including a 341 yard, 4TD 0 INT performance from Nick Florence?  At least the Baylor defense is about the same, giving up 507 yards to SMU but taking advantage of 3 Pony turnovers to keep the score respectable.  As for SMU's savior in the form of Garrett Gilbert, well, as of yet he still hasn't remembered how to play football.  The final numbers were 34/59 for 286 yards, 2 picks and 2 TDs.  Apparently SMU is taking a quantity vs quality approach with Gilbert this year.  Of course, this was just the first game and Gilbert has time to put it together, but Baylor is probably one of the weakest defenses he will face all year, so....  Expect the Yao Ming chants to start if he doesn't make some corrections.  And if he never does?  Hopefully we can finally forget about that whole June Jones/QB guru thing.  In others news, Zack Line is still pretty good.  So what does this game really mean?  Is Baylor THAT good?  Is SMU THAT bad? I think it has to be a little of both.  Regardless, looking at those defenses, I feel pretty good about our chances in both games this year.
  • Texas 37, Wyoming 17.  For those of you who didn't catch it - which is most of you since the LHN is a big pile of lulz - Texas actually trailed for a bit in this game before pulling away, and they did it just as you'd expect.  Joe Bergeron and Malcolm Brown  combined for 215 yards and 3 TDs, while DJ Monroe added a fourth and Johnathan Gray even got into the mix with 5 rushes for 9 yards.  Then there was the QB play, and it was less than impressive.  David Ash started the game and went 20/27 for 156 yards a score, and that was it.  Texas claims they are going to win the "SEC way" with a pounding running game and defense as well as a game manager type QB and, at least for one night, that's what they did.  Their run defense lived up to the billing, allowing only 69 total yards, and they picked off Wyoming twice.  Still, I'm not sold, are you?
  • Alabama 41, Michigan 14.  YEESH!  And it wasn't even that close.
  • Elsewhere, Okie State ran off 84 unanswered points, West Virginia blew up their scoreboard and Boise finally an opener, but just barely.
Then there was the REAL most important story of the weekend, that being the Breaking Bad finale!  No recap here, but what do you guys think will happen going forward?  Will Hank immediately take the bait?  Will he try and help his brother in law?  And, most importantly, could Walt have walked away from the game THAT easily?  Take it away...

Positional Breakdown - TE's and RB's

Finishing up the skill positions on the offensive side of the ball for the Frogs are the running backs and tight ends. This promises to be another strong group, even with the departure of leading rusher Ed Wesley, who is likely arena bound after showing up late for the Cowboy's team bus in SD and subsequently finding himself on a one way ticket out of town.

Awkward High Five FTW!
The two productive returnees should more than pick up the slack - Senior Matthew Tucker is listed atop the depth chart and could be a 1,000 yard rusher if he gets the carries. With 700+ yards and 12 TD's a season ago, Tucker proved he was a star, and was recognized as a pre-season Big 12 First Teamer for his efforts. Right behind him is junior Waymon James, who averaged over 7 yards a carry and is a blazer out of the backfield (maybe I shouldn't use terms like blazer when describing players on this team?). He almost eclipsed the 900 yard mark, so he could be another four digit guy depending on how much Coach P wants to spread the ball around.

The all important third wheel is still a bit up in the air, with senior/UCLA transfer/highlytouted running back/rapper/model/part time football player Aundre Dean getting the call for the Grambling game, but intriguing speedster BJ Catalon in the mix as well. Catalon, a true freshman and early enrollee has a chance to be special, but hasn't shown the consistency or toughness to get the nod over the older Dean. Catalon averaged over 12 yards a carry and scored 32 TD's as a senior, which would have been a big deal in Texas had a thing called "Johnathan Gray" not happened. Catalon isn't tall at only 5'8", but is solid as he packs 190 pounds of muscle on that smallish frame. Catalon was also a high school teammate of fellow freshman Deante' Gray, who most fans probably know as the "Daje Johnson Contingency Plan", and helped sway him to come to TCU after Gray originally committed to Stanford. Judging by Johnson's recent legal problems, thanks BJ!

TCU has had an awesome string of solid, reliable tight ends over the past decade, but this year the position is a little more in flux. Senior Corey Fuller is big, at 6'6" and 255, but only has four career catches for 65 yards and no scores. Currently, Fuller's best asset might be his porn star mustache. Behind him is freshman Griffin Gilbert (hopefully he's the good football player in the family), who is big, fast, and has receiver like hands, but for whom blocking is still a work in progress. Gilbert was a four star recruit and All-American, and is poised for great things, but it's up for debate how much of him we will see on the field as a true freshmen. Behind the true frosh is Cliff Murphy, a former high school defensive lineman who has converted the offensive side of the ball this season for TCU. Murphy has only appeared in two games for the Frogs, on D, and recorded no stats. Most notable? The guy is 6'4" and weighs 280 pounds. That's a big boy! Redshirt freshman and former QB Dominic Merka currently sits fourth on the depth chart, but if he can block, he will get on the field ahead of Murphy I would imagine. Merka is a great athlete with high end speed for his size, and him and Gilbert could be quite the pair in the coming years.

Morning Dump: 09/04