Monday, August 27, 2012

Breaking Bad Mondays: Say My Name.

Dear everyone, If you want to poop yourself watch Breaking Bad tonight. Thanks. Love, Ap

"I just realized I could've gotten the names from Lydia... Sorry about all this, Mike."

AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!  How absolutely bonkers was that?  I think we all knew Mike and Walter would have a showdown, but didn't you almost expect it to end the other way around?  Yes, yes, organically I think Jesse or Skyler need to be the one to take Walt out, but if this show has taught us anything it's to toss your expectations out the window and realize that just about everyone is expendable.  But after Walt's emotionally charged gaffe at episode's end last night, it seems like Jesse almost has to be the one to do it, right?  Mike has been a fan favorite ever since he came on the show and it's a rough way for him to go out, but once you saw the image of him tossing stones into a serene lake, it was pretty clear his number was up.  We'll miss you, Mike the Cleaner, and you deserved better.  Still, dick move bailing on your granddaughter like that.

It's amazes me on a weekly basis just how far Walter White has fallen.  The opening scene with the Phoenix meth gang that gave the episode its title was pretty spectacular.  You'll have to forgive me for immediately thinking of Marlo's, "My name is my name!" speech from the Wire, but those two scenes couldn't be more different.  Marlo wanted his name off the streets; Walter White wants everyone to know just who the great Heisenberg is.  The wrong person is going to find out soon enough.

Then there was the cold scene between Walt and Jesse, and the disrespect therein.  It was obvious from the get-go that Walt did not truly believe Jesse was going to get out because, for Walt, there isn't a situation he can't talk his way out of.  Walt has manipulated Jesse every step of the way and by denying him his $5 million from the negotiation with Phoenix, its clear he figured he could just string Jesse along until he changed his mind about getting out.  After the way Walt belittled him, I was pretty sure he wasn't changing his mind, but once Jesse finds out about Mike, I think the partnership is done for good.  At least they'll always have the memories of the Crystal Ship...

As for the rest of the episode, it looks like Walt has found a new protege in Todd, one who worships him and shares his lack of respect for human life.  So I'm sure everything there will be GREAT and good for the advancement of humanity.  Skyler continues to be pushed to the edges of her sanity and it can't be long now before she snaps.  Hank is still digging into the Fring case, which isn't good for his long term job prospects unless he brings down the new man in charge.  Mike's death certainly throws a wrench into the investigation, at least temporarily, but if his lawyer was willing to give him up, I'm pretty sure he'll give up the names of the 9 as well.

Only one episode left in this half season, which is EXTREMELY frustrating, but we knew it was coming.  So how does everyone think they send us into the off-season?  I'm not sure it's going to be a bigger bang than last night, but you just know Gilligan is going to give us just enough to make us curse him name for splitting the final slate in half and make this next year unbearable.

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