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Support the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation.

The Rooster, all grown up.

Remember the Rose Bowl?  Remember the Utah Game(s)?  Remember those times we sent the BYU faithful back to their compounds?  Remember the setting in motion of the four greatest years for a TCU Senior class ever, a record that continues to be broken?  You're right, Obama, WE didn't build that - Andy Dalton did!  So why not give back to the guy who has given the majority of us the best TCU Football memories we have ever had to this point?

The Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation is intended to, and I quote, "provide seriously ill and physically challenged children throughout Greater Cincinnati with daily support and life changing experiences"  The Foundation intends to touch the lives of 50,000 children by the year 2014, but needs YOUR help spreading the word to reach that goal.  You can help by liking the foundation's facebook page HERE.  The goal is to hit 1,400 "likes" and, for a lucky few, Andy will be sending out prized memorabilia.  So get to the social network and help Andy out!  For the kids.

The Foundation's website can be seen HERE.

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By now you're all fully aware that LSU stud DB and return man Tyrann Mathieu has been removed from the team for allegedly failing a THIRD drug test.  THIRD, Mac Engel.  Not first.  THIRD.  Also, Mac, before you start dictating that GP should do the HONORABLE thing and put ethics before W's like Les, keep in mind Jordan Jefferson was allowed back on campus despite kicking in the brains of a marine in a bar fight.  I'd argue that's worse than failing one drug test.  CALL ME CRAZY.  

As you'd expect, Mathieu is now looking for a new team to complete his collegiate career.  And while you'd expect him to simply go play for the closest FCS school then turn pro, it's not that simple.  Apparently LSU has not only denied several teams the opportunity to speak with Mathieu, they're actually pitching the idea of having him sit out the year and then return next season.  Of course, LSU denies this is part of the equation because, you know, ethics, but as Louisiana is practically a lawless territory not part of the United States, its safe to assume LSU would be forgiven for inviting him back.  Given that Mathieu cancelled a press conference yesterday where he was supposed to announce his transfer school, I'd say this holds some weight.  

But what if LSU really DOES sever all ties?  Yes, there's a 99% chance that, if that were to happen, Tyrann would go the FCS/NFL route, but the track record of athletes in the draft after they transfer down a level for disciplinary reasons isn't very good.  What if Tyrann decides that the only way to re-up his draft stock is to sit out a year and return to play for a major program, proving he has cleaned up his supposed "character issues?"

Enter TCU or, if you listen to the media, The New "U."  

Think about it - we've got a stigma.  Despite going by the letter of the law and removing the felons from our team, we have a stigma, and because the local media is full of morons like Mac and Ubbzzz, we will always carry that stigma.  Don't suspend Casey Pachall?  HOUSING AN ADDICT!!! Suspend Casey Pachall for the opener?  NOT ENOUGH!!  Kick Pachall off the team?  TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!!!  That's just the way of it.

So why not embrace that shit?  Why not take on a "baggage" guy like Mathieu who also happens to be the most exciting college football player alive?  Even if we have ESPN televise a weekly news Conference titled, "the Piss-icison" where all of our players pee into cups and are tested live on television, there's still going to be assholes out there saying we rigged the tests.  How can adding Mathieu really damage our image more than it is already?  Patterson already harbors the American arm of the Zetas in the athletic dorms, adding a few more can't hurt, can it?  

Beyond that, if Pachall is a recovering addict, why not let him be Mathieu's sponsor?  They can be roommates and help each other fight their demons!  It'll be like a Hallmark Channel original!  Move over, Remember the Titans!  Or we could even spin it as a superhero movie!  Casey and Tyrann, La Manga and Badger, defeating the evils of drugs and cleaning up the streets! This is a great idea!  Isn't America's thing, "Give me your tired, your weary, your huddled masses, yearning to be free?"  Well why can't TCU's thing be, "Give me your red eyed, your bloody nosed, your deep fried brained and day-glo wearing masses, yearning to be sober?"  

Let's do this, TCU.  What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

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