Monday, August 13, 2012

Spit Blood Pick 'em

It has been a few years since Spit Blood had a college football pick 'em.  I feel it's time to resurrect the tradition.  The only shame is that we don't get to pick MWC games anymore.  I suppose the Big 12 will have to do.

Here are the rules. 
  • We pick against the spread. 
  • The games will be all the games involving Big 12 teams plus the Yahoo Editors picks.  
  • All weeks count.
  • Picks stop 5 minutes before each individual game
I'll recap each week on a Wednesday or Friday depending on whether or not there's a Thursday game in the picks.

The group number is 6471
Password is: gmfp

Membership is open to everyone.

Breaking Bad Mondays: Dead Freight.

Killing Jesse James may not make you Jesse James, but I guess ROBBING A DAMNED TRAIN is the next best thing.  I'll be honest - Breaking Bad is my second favorite TV show ever, right behind the Wire, and at times it's actually much more of a discussion.  The acting is impeccable and the story telling thrilling.  It's a show that never shows its hand until the very last possible moment which leaves me on the edge of my seat on a weekly basis.

But ROBBING A TRAIN???? On the heels of using a truck magnet to destroy a computer hard drive in the police station?  I dunno, guys.  Have we officially entered shark jumping territory?  I'm kinda nervous.  Sorry for the loss of your brain, tarantula kid, - LANDRY CLARKE STRIKES AGAIN!! - but at least that death will surely mean an abrupt shift away from heists for a while.... right?  Sorry about your mind getting re-fucked again, Jesse.  It looks like there's a lot more to LandryTodd than meets the eye and, whether they like it or not, he's probably part of the team for a while... at least until Walt inevitably kills him.

As far as the rest of the episode, WJ has gone back to hating Skyler - which he typically does - and going by Flynn - which was always a weird development for me, - Lydia may not be as nutty and conniving as she seems and Skyler is such a loose cannon she's almost certainly going to play a major role in Walt's kingdom crumbling down.  Also - chances that Hank finds the computer bug Walt placed?  100%?  110%?  Surely the DEA has regular sweeps of their equipment to prevent such occurrences, no?

So what did you guys think?  Was the great train robbery a little out of BB's wheelhouse?  Aside from the logistics of it - so they sketched this thing out at least a day or two before it went down, making their measurements precise to line up with the bridge, even though they did not know the location of the tank they needed until 6 hours before? - I'm just not sold.  Perhaps I'm being too fickle.

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