Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Super Frog Given the Grantland Treatment

Back in the day, before he only did podcasts and reality television recaps, I was quite the Bill Simmons Fan. His columns were required reading every Friday, and I read both his books (even that God-awful, ridiculously long, Red Sox slobber-fest). The "Sports Guy" has his own little side project going, under the umbrella but out of the reach of the WWL, Grantland. is kind of like a cross between Entertainment Weekly and People, with a little sports thrown in so that they get a coveted front page box on I may make fun of them, but they have put out some really quality pieces, and last week, they turned their attention to TCU (or Texas Construction University, as the school is referred to in the article... haha). Brian Curtis, a Fort Worth native, does the write-up, and it's worth a read.

The gist of the article (you can read the whole thing here) is how TCU is completely revamping the athletic facilities basically so that they can welcome Oklahoma and their roving band of Sooners on December 1st. It documents TCU's 18 years in the wilderness (stop me if you've heard this before), the long drought between winning seasons, and how everything changed with the hiring of Franchione, his subsequent departure, and the promotion of one GMFP.

(photo courtesy of @tcusid)
There isn't too much to be gleaned, other than the incorporation of the great Mark Cohen (@tcusid), who if you aren't following on Twitter, get thee to a computer, stat. Cohen, who has the uncanny ability to relate just about ANY major sporting event to TCU, gets to show off the fancy new digs for a nationwide audience, and clarifies that the new player's area isn't a lounge - "We don't like to use the L-word" - but a player community room. How GP is that?! We also get to hear about the fancy new leather benches, the new anthracite uniforms - which leads to an unfortunate "Oregon Junior" comparison - and comes to the conclusion that in the new world of college football, if you can't buy and/or pay your players (you know, unless you are of a certain ilk, not naming names of course), surround them in opulence. 

I can't disagree; if you want proof look at our basketball program and the embarrassing DMC and tell me an update wouldn't go a LONG way to improving the state of that program. And as much as we have followed the construction locally, and know the impact it has made in North Texas, it's pretty amazing to see the rest of the country taking notice, and following the progress of the program from inside out. With one month until most of the CFB world kicks off (damn delayed gratification/week one bye), the eyes of the country will certainly be on Fort Worth and the Horned Frogs on September 8th. From the looks of things, I think the Frogs will be ready for their close-up.