Friday, July 27, 2012

Daily Discussion Question: Penn State Transfers.

No matter your opinion on whether or not the NCAA overstepped its bounds by eschewing their typical fly swatter techniques and taking a sledgehammer to Penn State's football cajones, I think we can all agree that they were right in granting any Penn State football player immediate eligibility at another institution.  After all, Joe Paterno was covering up rapes before most of them were even born, so why should they be stuck rebuilding the program he both built AND destroyed?  But, in the wake of that decision comes a tricky moral decision for coaches:  Should they actively recruit Penn State athletes as if they were free agents?  On the one hand there's no rule against it and all PSU athletes could technically be considered free agents until next summer when the "free transfer" window closes, to be all soccery.  On the other, there's a difference between letting a PSU athlete know you're interested and stalking them on Penn State's campus, which is what has been happening.  Some opposing coaches have placed calls to new Paterno basically saying, "Hey Coach, no hard feelings but we're about to turn your football team into an honorable mention intramural squad," while others have flat out been employing snatch and grab tactics without a courtesy call.

While you wouldn't necessarily expect many of these athletes to wind up on Big 12 campuses outside of WVU due to proximity, ESPN's Big 12 blog still raised the possibilities with a few of our bretheren.  Most were above board about it - Charlie Weis said you needed to respect HC Bill O'Brien, but that you also shouldn't rule taking one of his players out, Dana Holgorsen thinks his team is good enough to compete without transfer, with Mike Gundy basically echoing that idea.

Then there's Baylor Coach Art Briles.  Briles is by no means opposed to taking transfer athletes to beef up his roster, even those with troubled pasts like Lache Seastrunk (dirty recruiting), Daryl Stonum (DWIs, suspended license and violation of probation) and Mike Orakpo (beating the shit out of other students).  It's safe to say the Baylor brass probably isn't listing those things in the brochure.  Briles' thinking is as follows:

"If a guy can play, we're going to look at him without question. I like getting guys that are mature," Briles said.

It makes sense... except Briles is taking clearly immature players, so I'm not sure that statement wholly applies here.  But then he offers the, literal, money quote, and it opens your eyes to why Baylor has been on a pretty solid recruiting tear lately.  Straight from the horse's mouth:

"Not that 18 year olds are not [mature], but when you take a guy that's been through a few trials and tribulations and understands what's important, what's not, and has experience -- because there's one thing money can't buy, and that's experience, you gotta live it, you've got to taste it, you've got to feel it -- then we know what we're getting, too."

Oh, is that right, Briles?  How would you know what money can or can't buy in college football since buying athletes with money is, well, highly frowned upon.  Has Scott Drew gotten to you already?  Money may not be able to buy experience, but it won't buy Baylor a Big 12 Championship either.  Good luck, Arthur, with your bottom.

So, what do you guys think?  Should it be frowned upon for opposing Coaches to actively recruit current PSU athletes?  If so, who should TCU target off of their roster? hint:  not their QBs.  And lastly, is Baylor paying their players?  Can I get whistleblower status on this?

Lessons in SMU Hate: Whores.

University Dr., apparently.

When you think of SMU, the two things that immediately come to mind are drugs and money, right?  The main reason SMU has been in the news the past few decades is for paying their "student athletes" and covering up on-campus drug related deaths, so the conclusions can be drawn.  We can all agree that everyone at SMU is a drug addict, it's just science.  But, after reading this story, perhaps the tales of wealth and prominence most SMU alumstout when comparing their school to TCU - a comically atrocious argument if there ever was one, and one that's not even accurate when you compare recent fund raising efforts - perhaps the downturn in the economy has hit our buddies in Highland Park even harder than we imagined?

As a disclaimer, I have absolutely no perspective on what it means to be a football player at the NCAA level, but I have my presumptions based on outside observations.  For one, you're able to buck fashion trends and wear elastic waistband pants and shorts and rubber sandals with socks without being judged by your peers.  This is unquestionably the thing I regret most about not being good enough at sports growing up to play on even the varsity level.  Ok, not ENTIRELY true - I played tennis in high school.  No one respects the kid in the "Longview Tennis" hooded sweatshirt and wind shorts, though.  

Another observation I made is that class participation is not required to receive a passing grade.  That's not to say the football players I've shared classes with were no shows like at North Carolina; let's just say their contributions to class discussion were, how should I put this... less than informative.  Considering the majority of them were right there with me the next semester in a class that was the logical advancement of the major, I feel I can draw the conclusion that, despite their worst efforts, they still passed.

But, perhaps the thing I notice most about athletes, and the one that fits the most stereotypes, is the fact that the better your position, the more girls will throw themselves all over you.  Let's face it - even Anson Kelton and Ross Evans were probably falling face first into tail that most of us didn't even know existed during our times at TCU, and they didn't even have to ply them with trashcan punch while giving the old, "I SWEAR there's not THAT much alcohol in this..." spiel.  And they were special teamers! And one was 270 pounds!  At the QB level?  Forget about it.  Look at Colt McCoy's wife.  Think he gets to feast on that sweater meat if he introduces himself as, "Colt from Tuscola" without getting to add, "and I'm the Quarterback of the University of Texas," to the end?  Child PLEASE.

That's how things presumably work at a real football school.  But despite SMU finally getting their "big break" and joining the Big East, it looks like they haven't QUITE made it to the upper levels of being a big time program, at least where the ladies are concerned.

Uchenna Nwabuike is a sophomore Linebacker at SMU, or at least he is at this very moment.  As a backup last year, Nwabuike saw action in 9 games, recorded 8 tackles and even registered a sack.  But apparently being a backup LB on the CUSA level does not entitle you to the trouser treasures that being a football player in a non-lol Conference would, so you have to work at it.  You see, young Uchenna needed the comfort that only a woman can provide, but seeing as how he was unable to parlay his football cachet into a trip to pound town, he took a detour.  Fortunately he didn't rape anyone, as has been the go-to at his school in the past.  No, Nwabuike decided he'd hire himself an escort and, if his story is true, he got himself a right bargain at $50 for access to her nethers.  Looks like little Nwabuike has become a real man after all!

Let's stop right there though and really think about this situation.  So, much like my understanding of the benefits of being an NCAA athlete, the only perspective I have of escorts comes from being an outside observer. I've been to Vegas enough times, with enough people, to understand how it works:  The nice lady in the short skirt and tall shoes hanging around the craps tables approaches you and, presuming there's mutual interest, let's you know how much it's going to cost for a pleasure filled evening and chlyamidia filled morning in her company.  If you like her price, you pay it; if you don't, she either walks away or gets you drunk enough to force her way into your room and robs you while you sleep.  So you could say the price is pretty firm either way; the fact that Nwabuike was able to negotiate certainly raises some red flags about the "integrity" of the young lady in question.  Without first hand experience I can't swear to the accuracy of the pricing structure of a streetwalker, but I grasp it's a LOT more than the $50 Nwabuike agreed on, so, you know, more red flags.  

But, the one thing I think we can all understand from watching movies is that if you don't pay the price, a 300 pound man with a bat shows up at your door at takes your kneecaps as retribution.  Or, again, the whore robs you, which is exactly what happened in this instance.  Rather than pay the young lady her $50, Nwabuike took his prize and told the young lady to hit the road... but not before she took $3000 worth of electronics from his house.  Believe it or not, police have not made this a high priority.

Let's back up, though.  $50!  We all went to college - 99% of a college male's attempts at love making come from getting sloppy drunk and seducing the lady in question at a party or bar with the least amount of effort as possible with things working out that 1% of the time.  Taking your female love interest on a date gives you a HUGE leg up on the competition and the results are usually better.  Not because you were rico suave, just because it's such a rarity, especially when you're a freshman or sophomore.  I'm not saying taking a college woman on a date guarantees coitus, I'm just saying it's a pretty easy way to increase your chances exponentially.  I mean, for $50 bucks you can find a young lady of questionable morals to take out to mediocre dinner and buy her enough $3 glasses of Ste. Genevieve to cause her to lose her inhibitions enough to go back to your bedroom.  And YOU get a meal out of it as well!  It's a win win!  The girl that comes home with you under those circumstances may not be of the quality you prefer, but keep in mind we're talking about the guy that brought home the $50 hooker, so I'm guessing quality wasn't the main factor in his decision.  I'm just saying, there was a way to avoid this situation altogether, even for an SMU football player. 

Damn... after typing that I REALLY hope I never have a daughter.

But, seriously, this whole thing happened because Nwabuike wouldn't cough up $50!  Are times so tough on the Hilltop that they can't even afford that kind of rock bottom rate for pleasure services?  College sports are a backwards enterprise, but maybe the need for player stipends is far more urgent than we imagined? And think of the hard working escorts!  Aren't they the true victims of the Death Penalty decision?  Back when Craig James and Eric Dickerson were taking kickbacks, they were probably paying literal hundreds of dollars for services rendered!  And that was in 80s dollars!  Adjusting for inflation, today's price of $50 was probably, what, $20 back then?  If Senator Craig found out he could've had tenfold the hookers back then, think of how many more would've been strangled?!  Actually, that's probably the only good part about the whole inflation/recession thing.  You're welcome for that propaganda, Obama Administration.    

$50! A few years back, SMU made headlines for raising a whole $10 million to hire June Jones; TCU just raised $165 million for football related improvements.  Maybe they really ARE poor?  Remember that when you're buying your tickets for TCU/SMU this year in Dallas.  Perhaps instead of making charitable donations in the 4th quarter of this year we should buy up all available seating and consider that our giving back to the less fortunate?  It's going to be a long, hard road, but with our help in filling their 32,000 person stadium, perhaps one day the whores working the corner of Hillcrest and Mockingbird can receive a whole $100 for their services. Ok, $75 - it's a recession economy, after all.

And that's today's Lesson in SMU Hate.  

2012 Spitblood Scramble Tournament Update

*Tournament Update:
 We are 1 month away from the glory that is the Spitblood Scramble.  Sponsorships and prizes are falling into place and teams are signing up.  Sign up today to make sure you get a spot.  You don't want to miss this.

This year's tournament will be held at Whitestone Golf Course in Fort Worth on August 25th.  Shotgun start is set for 2pm so you lazy booze hounds can make it.  All proceeds go to charity.  $100/player, $400/team.  Includes green fee, koozie, FREE beer, hamburger, and prizes if you earn them.

The format is a scramble.  Do not stack your team with A golfers.  Try to balance with an A, B, C, and D golfer.  (why do I even say this, you sand bagging SOBs never listen)  You WILL get made fun of if you turn in a 17 under.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Dead Ass Last.  There will also be closest to the pin and longest drive individual prizes as well.  1st place takes home the coveted Spitblood Purple Jacket.

Last year we set a record for attendance with over 80 golfers.  This year we aim to get 100 players.  We have the entire course reserved and it will be one hell of a time. 

We are pooling money on Crowdtilt.  Click this link to sign up.  If you don't have an account sign up is fast and easy.  You can sign up through Facebook or by just using your email. If you are paying for more than 1 entry you can contribute multiple times.

After sign up please email your team name and players to .  Sign up as soon as you can because the spots will go fast.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

Blaize Foltz Nominated for 2012 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team®

While the mainstream media likes to jump on and blow up negative press (read: left handed cigarette busts), we here at Spitblood like to focus on the positives.  Congratulations to Blaize Foltz for being nominated for the 2012 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team,  the most prestigious off-the-field honor in college football.

More often than not, college football players are remembered for their accomplishments on the field and are rarely recognized for their achievements outside of football.  Through the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team®, Allstate and the AFCA recognize the community service contributions of these young men that may otherwise go unnoticed.

From the 117 nominees, two 11-player Good Works Teams will be selected and announced in late September – one for the Football Bowl Subdivision (Div. I-A) and the other for the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision, Divisions II, III and NAIA.  In its fifth year as sponsor, Allstate has assembled a prominent selection panel including former Good Works Team members and well respected college football media members.

Past members of the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team® include Super Bowl champion quarterbacks, Peyton and Eli Manning, ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer and 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.

As a nominee, Foltz boasts an impressive resume of community service accomplishments including:

  • Serving as a role model in the Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education (DARE) program
  • Representing TCU in the Hope Community Service program
  • Actively serving on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and also with Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

*I'm proud of Blaize for not succumbing to the fate of nominative determinism in the same way that I am proud of myself for having resisted becoming a bird lover.