Friday, July 20, 2012

Morning Dump.

Since we haven't had any opinion posts this week, I'll take this chance to get on my soapbox.
  • TCU was picked 5th in the B12 preseason poll, right ahead of Kansas State and right behind Okie, jr.  The ranking itself I guess I'm fine with;  I'm in the seemingly minority of TCU fans with tempered expectations for year one in the Big 12 and wouldn't view 8-4 or 9-3 as a "disaster" like some fans over on the pay sites have suggested.  It'll be a schedule unlike any we've seen and, despite the faith we have in the staff, there's not a whole lot of room for error in the injury department given our off-season defections.  But BEHIND Oklahoma State?  The same Oklahoma State that is starting a true freshman QB, without a Dez Bryant or Justin Blackmon type target, in the most pass happy league in the country?  I'm not buying it.  I understand why the pundits have cooled on KSU this year; apparently they had 6-7 games decided by 7 points or fewer last year and only lost one of them, so the tide is sure to turn, but at least they return a proven QB.  I'd rather be behind them.  No one is going to argue that OU is the preseason fave before they fall on their face in a game they shouldn't lose, so I offer no rebuttals.  WVU at #2 we better accept because everyone else is going to put them in that position as well.  I don't completely get it, though. Sure, they left a fantastic last impression, but Clemson was vastly overrated, and that win doesn't change the fact that WVU lost to a BAD Syracuse team during the regular season and let an anemic LSU offense have their way with them at home.  On top of that, the Big East was arguably worse than the MWC last year, yet WVU gets the benefit of the doubt and TCU is harassed for playing a weak schedule.  What gives?  And UT at #3?  Well, I suppose the mystique will always be there for them no matter the underachieving and lack of Q.  So, actually, no, I guess I'm NOT fine with the ranking and feel we should be no lower than 4th and probably 3rd.  Fuck the medjia.
  • TCU only placed one player on the pre-season AC team, that player being Stansly Maponga.  I'll be honest, kind of a weird feeling after the past 7 seasons of PSAC teams basically being the Utah, BYU and TCU all-stars, but I'm not sure who I'd argue for or against.  Oh wait, actually I do - Geno Smith as the offensive player of the year?  Come ON!  Seriously, they are going to have JUST as much trouble as TCU will adjusting to the grind of playing in the second best Conference in the country for 9 straight weeks.  I realize the Big 12 doesn't play pass defense and he has two great receivers, but the media genuinely believes they are going to drop 70 on everyone next year based on one performance.  Get outta heeeeeyah.
  • The Big East dropped their silly little lawsuit and TCU will still pay their $5 million exit fee.  This begs the question - what was the point?  From what I understand there was absolutely no need to sue - TCU owed them the money by a certain date and they filed the suit weeks before said date came to pass.  Did they REALLY think the school that just sunk $165 million in privately raised funds into their football stadium and Is the Big East in such a sad state that they will go to such bush league measures in order to show the world they're still a swingin' dick BCS Conference?  Well, I guess they have to do SOMETHING after they castrated their credibility by hiring SMU.