Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breaking Bad is Back...

...Which means Breaking Bad reviews are back, even with the absence of Lyle.  I'm sure that will piss plenty of you off, but many of you will be happy to welcome their return, just like we welcomed the return of the show itself.  For those who complain about the Breaking Bad reviews I will reiterate what has been said for a couple of years now:  start watching the show.

For starters, how awesome was that opening scene complete with Walt with a full head of hair, fake ID, stack of cash and a semi- automatic weapon in the trunk of a strange car?  Pretty intense start to the season if you ask me.  Instead of me giving some half-assed review I'll leave the readers with a few question of my own for discussion, and of course feel free to bring up anything else you observed while viewing.  Of course after one episode it's purely speculation from all of us, but let's have some fun with it.  For starters, why is Walt concealing his identity and is he still in ABQ in the opening scene?  Anybody else think the magnet ploy/getaway was a bit farfetched?  Was Gus Fring really dumb enough to videotape his meth cooks?  Doesn't seem like he would make that kind of mistake for a careful guy.  Finally, there's an inevitable Walt/Someone showdown in the end.  Who is it with?

For a real, better review, click here or the link below.


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