Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seriously, Mother Nature?

In case you've spent the entire morning scheduling doctor visits before your insurance rates skyrocket due to the upholding of Obamacare, there's another crisis facing our nation - Colorado is on fire. Not NBA JAM good on fire.  We're talking four alarm, "hide the women in children" on fire.  That picture you see above?  That's Air Force's football stadium.  To say it holds a tenuous position in this battle of man vs. nature would be a supreme understatement.  The Academy itself has been mostly evacuated until the fires are contained, an event that looks to be relatively far away in the distant future.  In a time like this football clearly comes second to human lives, but having your football stadium burn to a crisp surely throws a wrench or two into your upcoming season.  I have no idea how far the distance between the AFA and that particular branch of the range spans, but it's pretty damned terrifying to see from behind  my computer screen.  We can have pretty black hearts around here at Spitblood when it comes to our attitude towards rivals, but I never viewed the Falcons with anything less than respect (except when they got all chop blocky, natch) so our thoughts and prayers go out to that entire family.  

Seriously, though, Mother Nature - if you're going to ruin a college campus, why on earth would you pick the one where the students are part of the damned military?  West Point has managed not to be swallowed up by the Hudson, and as far as I know Annapolis has never been wiped off the map by a hurricane, so the odds are on AF's side, but why even make it a possibility? Especially when there's a perfectly good Provo out there just waiting to be swallowed up...

Daily Discussion: Where will Noteboom play?

For those of you that follow recruiting closely, I guess this is a bit of old news considering it's almost 24 hours old. But a lot of our readers don't, so deal with it. TCU received their 10th commitment for their 2013 recruiting class yesterday when Plano's Joseph Noteboom picked the Frogs over scholarship offers from Texas Tech, Iowa State, Purdue and Northwestern amongst others. 

There is some discrepancy as to just how big Noteboom is and whether he will end up on the offensive or defensive side of the ball, but either way he'll be right on the line of scrimmage.   He's listed in various publications at being either 6'5" or 6'6" and somewhere between 240 and 265lbs.  Some, such as Rivals, see him as a defensive end at the college level.  Others, such as Dave Campbell's Texas Football, see him as an offensive lineman- they named him one of the 30 best in the state in their most recent magazine.

This may sound silly coming from an unpaid blogger, but I'd tend to trust the print journalist over the writers from a subscription-based website.  No disrespect to the staff at Purple Menace, who do a great job, but Noteboom looks like an offensive tackle to me.  Sure, that 4.74 forty time sounds great coming off the edge as a pass rusher.  But that speed combined with his lengthy frame, background in hockey and at tight end (meaning he probably has great footwork) and supposed calm demeanor make him a perfect candidate to protect a quarterback from rushers coming off that edge. 

Watch his highlight video HERE and decide for yourself.  What do you think- offense or defense?

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