Monday, June 25, 2012

How TCU stacks up in the Big 12: Football

We'll spend the last few days before TCU's official jump to the Big 12 looking at how various aspects of the Horned Frogs' athletic department stack up against the programs they'll be facing in the new conference. Today, we start with football:

All-Time wins
Texas 858
Oklahoma 819
West Virginia 701
TCU 591
Kansas 574
Baylor 542
Oklahoma State 533
Texas Tech 524
Iowa State 498
Kansas State 475

National Championships (claimed):
Oklahoma 7
Texas 4
...everyone else tied with 0

Appearances in the Top 10 of the final polls:
Oklahoma 36
Texas 28
TCU 10
Kansas State 6
West Virginia 5
Oklahoma State 3
Kansas 2
Baylor 1
Texas Tech 1
Iowa State 0

BCS Bowl wins:
Oklahoma  3 (in 8 appearances)
Texas 3 (4)
West Virginia 3 (3)
TCU 1 (2)
Kansas 1 (1)
Oklahoma State 1 (1)
Kansas State 0 (1)
Iowa State 0 (0)
Baylor 0 (0)
Texas Tech 0 (0)

Total bowl wins:
Oklahoma 27 (in 45 appearances)
Texas 26 (50)
West Virginia 14 (31)
Oklahoma State 14 (22)
TCU 13 (28)
Texas Tech 12 (34)
Baylor 10 (18)
Kansas State 6 (15)
Kansas 6 (12)
Iowa State 3 (11)

Times that ESPN College Game Day has been to campus:
Oklahoma 6
Texas 6
Oklahoma State 3
Kansas State 1
West Virginia 1
Texas Tech 1
Kansas 0
Iowa State 0
Baylor 0

Big 12 Orientation Redux

We're less than a week away from TCU's official entry into the Big 12- and even though we've finished our profiles of the other individual schools of the conference, we've still got more Big 12-themed content for you this week. Right now, though, we want to give you all a chance to catch up if you've gotten a bit behind. Yes, you'll notice that this list is somewhat incomplete. And yes, this is essentially just the blog version of a clip show:

West Virginia introduction

West Virginia football

West Virginia Basketball, Part I

West Virginia Basketball, Part II

West Virginia Baseball

West Virginia's other sports

West Virginia's famous alumni

Iowa State introduction

Iowa State football

Iowa State basketball

Iowa State baseball

Iowa State's other sports

WHAT A DICK! The Paul Rhoads edition

Iowa State's famous alumni

Kansas State introduction

Kansas State football

Kansas State basketball

Kansas State baseball

WHAT A DICK! The Tim Fitzgerald edition

Kansas State's other sports

Kansas State's famous alumni

Kansas introduction

Kansas football

Kansas basketball

Kansas baseball

Kansas' other sports

Kansas' famous alumni

Oklahoma State introduction

Oklahoma State football

Oklahoma State basketball

Oklahoma State baseball

Oklahoma State's other sports

WHAT A DICK! The Johnny Bright incident

Oklahoma State's famous alumni

Oklahoma introduction

Oklahoma football

Oklahoma basketball

Oklahoma baseball

WHAT A DICK! The Joe Don Looney edition

WHAT A DICK! The Bootlegger's Boy edition

Oklahoma's other sports

Oklahoma's famous alumni

Baylor introduction

Baylor football

Baylor basketball

Baylor baseball

Baylor's other sports

WHAT A DICK! Cat Murder edition

Baylor's famous alumni

Lubbock JC introduction

Tech football

Tech basketball

Tech baseball

Tech's famous alumni

UT-Austin introduction

UT-Austin football

UT-Austin basketball

UT-Austin baseball

UT-Austin's famous alumni

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