Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who wants to sign up for boxing with me?

My real job had me busy most of the day, but I didn't want you all to go completely without any Spit Blood content. Check out how awesome this dude is.

BCS rankings to = BCS dollars?

According to some reports, the rumored $400 million in television revenue that would be hauled in by bidding out broadcast rights for a college football playoff would be divvied up based on merit based on past performance- specifically, where a conference or school ranked in previous BCS standings

Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports took the final BCS standings dating back to 2007, and used them to rank the conferences (according to their 2014 membership) to give us a better picture of how they might fare in a meritocratic system:

1. SEC (407 aggregate points)
2. Big 12 (361)
3. Big Ten (259)
4. Pac 12 (224)
5. ACC (184)
6. Big East (130)
7. BYU by themselves (31)
8. MWC (30)
9. CUSA (5)
10. MAC (4)
11t. Notre Dame by themselves, WAC and Sun Belt (0)

With 361 points out of the 1635 total, that works out to about 22.1%.  Coming out of $400 million, that would equal a share of about $88.4 million for the Big 12...or about $8.8 million per school...per year...on top of the roughly $20 million being pulled in annually for each school from the regular-season TV contract.  Maybe that would make Notre Dame consider their football independence?  If you break down the last five years' final BCS standings by individual school, you start to see why TCU won't just be riding the coattails of their future conference rivals:

1. Alabama (81 aggregate points)
2. Ohio State (79)
3t. LSU and Oklahoma (78)
5. Boise State (74)
6t. Oregon and Virginia Tech (73)
8. TCU (68)
9. Florida (59)
10. UT-Austin (56)
11. Oklahoma State (55)
12. Stanford (49)
13. Wisconsin (46)
14t. Georgia and USC (42)
16. Cincinnati (41)
17t. Georgia Tech and Missouri (39)
19. Arkansas (38)
20t. Penn State and West Virginia (35)

Other notables:
28. Texas Tech (19)
31. Kansas (18)
36. Baylor (14)
44. Houston (7)
Texas A&M (0)
SMU (0)