Friday, June 15, 2012


I guess I shouldn't have been so cynical yesterday when I predicted that the folks at Dave Campbell's Texas Football would put the Longhorns on the cover just because of all the country bumpkin UT fans that have never stepped foot on campus in Austin would buy up the magazine in droves.

Instead, I'm glad to see them honoring Coach Patterson and the continuing program metamorphosis he's orchestrating at TCU.  Conference titles, All-Americans, NFL draft picks, BCS appearances (and a win!) and now the jump to the Big 12 and a new stadium. 

When you see this magazine in stores, though, Frog fans- you need to buy a copy.  Or two.  Sales numbers are a big factor in publishing companies choosing their cover subjects, and putting a small private school on the cover is a big risk for Dave Campbell's.  TCU hasn't had the summer edition cover to themselves since 1985- and if this current issue doesn't sell well, it might be another 27 years before they get that chance again.