Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big 12 Orientation: West Virginia's other sports

If there is one sport that the Big 12's newcomers will dominate, it's rifle.  I don't have the motivation to go researching whether or not any of the legacy schools offer it as a sport, but the new kids on the Big 12 block have 16 combined national titles.  The first fourteen of those were won by West Virginia starting in 1983 and most recently in 2009, and TCU has captured the hardware in 2010 and again in 2012.  The big difference in this rivalry is that TCU is winning championships with an all-female team. 

The WVU women's basketball team jumps from one highly-competitive conference, and should be able to keep its head above water once in the Big 12.  They've been to the NCAA Tounrament 8 times in their history, including 5 of the past 6 years- this year they were eliminated in the second round by eventual champ Baylor.  Current coach Mike Carey will be in his 12th year at the helm next season, and has only registered one non-winning season in his time in Morgantown.

The Mountaineers have had a smattering of success in a few other lower-profile sports, but the only other oddity is that they will be the only school in the Big 12 that offers men's soccer.  Because of this, their soccer team will be a part of the MAC starting next year.

Where will Tank go?

The so-called draft experts are fore the most part predicting that only one Frog will be drafted this year- Tank Carder. So with the event that your wife or girlfriend will never comprehend why it's entertaining starting tonight, let's take a look at where the prognosticators think Tank will end up being drafted:

-ESPN: 5th Round, #142 overall to Jacksonville

-Fox Sports: 5th Round, #147 overall to Buffalo 5th Round, #156 overall to Cincinnati 5th Round, #144 overall to Buffalo 4th Round, #134 overall to Minnesota 4th Round, #105 overall to Buffalo Undrafted

If any other Frog has a chance to sneak up into the draft, it is Braylon Broughton.  Here are a few of the predictions for where he'll go, if at all: 7th Round, #242 overall to the New York Jets

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