Friday, April 20, 2012

An exciting announcement

I got caught up doing actual work at work this afternoon, so I'm sorry to report that I won't have a full preview of TCU's big road baseball series against San Diego State. I did, though, finally sign up for the twitter. I'm planning on getting drunk this weekend, so it likely won't be long before I join the likes of Anthony Weiner, Courtney Love or Mike Bacsik in twitter infamy.

I've already got 7 followers, which makes me feel fairly popular, but you can join their ranks by following me @Lyle_MF_Lanley.

Happy Weekend. Go Frogs.

Big Twelve 101

On July 1st, TCU will officially become a member of the Big Twelve. This will reunite the Frogs with a few long-lost conference brethren as well as connect them with a few relative strangers. We'll spend the next 72 days putting you all through a bit of an orientation session to get you ready for the teams- and fanbases- that we'll be dealing with in the new conference. We'll take it school by school, giving you a week to learn all about each new rival. First up next week: West Virginia.

Morning Dump

TCU has sold 15,700 season tickets with a goal of 30,000 Star-Telegram


Frogs hope to continue hot streak out west

TCU heads to San Diego for key conference series


In terms of landing basketball coaches, SMU thumped TCU Star-Telegram

Other TCU-related news:

TCU official says Big 12 expansion remains a possibility San Antonio Express-News

Armed Forces Bowl returns to TCU campus on December 29th NBC DFW

Schmidt scholarship to boost TCU history department San Antonio Express-News