Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yet Another Awesome Spitblood Giveaway

In order to help promote the upcoming events at Texas Motor Speedway on April 13th and 14th, Spitblood has been invited by Samsung to take place in a pretty bad ass giveaway. We will be giving away 2 Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch phones, along with sets of tickets to Friday and Saturday's events at Texas Motor Speedway. This post is only to get you excited about the giveaway, details will be coming soon.

Frogs' last trip to Albuquerque

When the TCU baseball travels west to take on New Mexico this weekend, it will mark the end of the Horned Frogs' regularly-scheduled trips to Albuquerque as a member of the Mountain West and close the window of opportunity for us here at Spit Blood to make references to two of the best television programs ever produced- Breaking Bad and The Simpsons- as part of our coverage of the Frogs taking on the Lobos on the road.

The connection between the city and Breaking Bad is fairly obvious- the drama depicts Bryan Cranston as a cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher who ventures into the world of cooking crystal meth and slowly but surely becoming a leading figure in the Albuquerque drug scene. Anytime the Frogs enjoyed a decisive road victory over New Mexico- such as the three game baseball sweep of the Lobos last year in which TCU scored 46 total runs or the 66-17 football thumping of UNM in 2010- I delighted in comparing the ferocity of those wins with the savageness of Uncle Hank's beating of Jesse in Season 3:

Unless you are an avid fan, though, the connection to The Simpsons may not be quite so straight forward. It all dates back to the March 2001 episode entitled "Hungry, Hungry Homer" in which Homer goes on a hunger strike to keep Springfield's minor-league baseball team, the Isotopes, from moving to Albuquerque. For a series that was already in its decline, this seemed like the kind of ridiculous plot device that would be quickly forgotten.

But then in 2002 the Florida Marlins' AAA affiliate, the Calgary Cannons, announced that they were moving south of the border and were, like the Springfield Isotopes, planning on relocating to Albuquerque. The city had previously had a minor-league team- the Dukes- from 1915 until 2000, so many just assumed the new team would carry that name. Those people underestimated the dedicated nerdiness of Simpsons fans, though. A whopping 67% of the voters in an online contest run by the Albuquerque Tribune picked "Isotopes" as the desired name for the new team, and after a bit of push back the team's front office signed off on the idea, creating a "life imitating art" legacy for the long-running animated series.

If any Frog fans are headed to Isotopes Park (also the home field of the New Mexico baseball team) this weekend, you can get your picture taken with the life-size statues of Homer and Marge at the stadium:

Defending the Horned Frog

It was brought to our attention from one of our readers that some blog named "straight pinkie" has named the Horned Frogs as the worst mascot in all of college sports.

Clearly, we disagree- but what makes it almost laughable is that this blog is based out of Kentucky. You know, the state whose major college teams are the Wildcats and the Cardinals. Those are both pretty awesome and unique names. This is kind of like having someone with the last name Smith tell you that your surname is stupid. I'd make fun of Kentucky's pro team names, but that state is too backwater to have one. And even OKLAHOMA has an NBA team now. The other funny part of this "honor" bestowed upon TCU is the reasoning behind the choice by straight pinkie's Cory Collins:

They’ve been the creatures inside the jar in your 8th grade science classroom, fighting for air as you wait to dissect their innocent, slimy bodies. Many of them didn’t have Elliott from E.T. to rescue them.

They’ve been the flat disks of green that color the highways, failing to make the other side because of large trucks and children who suck at video games.

They’ve been the puppets forced to marry grotesquely obese and annoying pigs, forever doomed to have private parts that smell like bacon bits and old ham.

They’ve been the princes awaiting a kiss from a beautiful woman. They’ve been the creatures accused of creating warts with their pee. They’ve been the bloated ball of sickly green that shows up in the swimming pool skimmer. They’ve even been tie-dyed and sold as emblems of peace.

You get the sense that Mr. Collins doesn't understand that Horned Frogs are actually lizards. But then again, maybe we should cut him some slack. Identifying creatures based on scientific classification is probably a tough thing to do in a state that still denies evolution. Maybe they should stick to horse racing, bourbon and cheating at college basketball and leave the science to the grown-ups.

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