Monday, March 5, 2012

The Ed K Saga

The same photo used for the Snix Saga

Our latest "former" follower Ed K approached me with an idea for a series for the blog which highlights the top Frog players of all time at each position. I entertained the idea and Ed K sent me his work, and I agreed to run it because it actually is pretty good. I wanted to wait until baseball season was over to run the series when our blog is painfully awaiting football season, but actions over the weekend have forced me to induce labor on this mother.

I received this email from our former friend Ed on Saturday:

Thomas: I am completely fed up with the assholes on SpitBlood. I am taking my work and going elsewhere. Thanks for your interest, but I just can't take it anymore. Tell Wesley, Lyle and snk they can go fuck themselves. -- Ed.

This was sparked by Lyle's historical bitch slap that Ed received on Texas Independence Day. For those of you who were too lazy to check Spitblood on Friday, let's have a little recap.

EdK said...

Twarn't the Alamo you need to thank for Texas independence. Nor Sam Houston. You can get on your knees and thank one James K. Polk.

(He is also responsible for adding Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, half of Colorado and ... California to the Union.)

In sports terms, Polk was the Jimmy Jones of presidents -- you either loved him or hated him, but things were never the same after he arrived.

Blogger Lyle Lanley said...

Thanks for the history lesson, Ed. We all definitely were under the impression that the Texians won at the Alamo because, you know, none of us have finished the 7th grade.

Polk, for sure, did a great job of finishing John Tyler's work of annexing Texas into the union in 1845. And winning the Mexican-American War under his leadership is definitely an underrated part of our nation's history.

But I'll give quite a bit more credit to the guys who risked (or even gave) their lives in the various battles of the Texas Revolution (which did include a number of Polk's cousins amongst the crucial volunteers from Tennessee- Spit Purple would want to make sure that's mentioned here) 9 years prior to Polk's inauguration for winning their independence from Mexico.

Houston, in specific, should absolutely be honored for his (at the time) very questionable move to evade the Mexican army prior to the decisive Battle of San Jacinto.

Blogger SnK said...

For those keeping score at home- Lyle 1- the guy who lives on California 0.

Blogger Sir Wesley Willis said...

That's what they call getting fucked up with some truth

Blogger EdK said...

You guys are total assholes. I am officaly done with SpitBlood. Good luck getting anyone to read your crap. Adios shitheads.

It doesn't end there though. Ed K then tucked his tail and ran on over to Killer Frogs and posted his introduction to his series on the message board I was told. I don't read KF (for obvious reasons if you have been following this blog for some time), so I don't know if he has posted any more of the series.

Either way, I can't sit idly by and not take advantage of this opportunity that Ed K has teed up for me. So without further ado, I would like to present Ed K's 13 part series now that he doesn't read this 2 bit shitty blog that no one reads.

TCU Football's Greatest Of All Time

LaDainian Tomlinson.

Hey, for most college football fans, even many Horned Frog fans, that’s as far back as their TCU history goes. And why not? He was the most dynamic and popular player to ever wear purple.

But TCU’s 116-year football history is as storied and rich as any school. Sammy Baugh and Davey O’Brien, Bob Lilly and Andy Dalton. Sure. But what about Rags Mathews? Ki Aldrich? Jim Swink? They were the LTs of their generation.

We’ve all probably heard about the national championship teams of the ‘30s, but what about the intense, tug-of-war for dominance in the Southwest Conference between TCU and Texas in the ‘50s? Or even the football LIVING HELL that was most of the ‘70s and ‘80s, long before Dennis Franchione and, more importantly, Gary Patterson arrived and put TCU back on the college football map?

For the next few weeks, Spitblood will present the top ten players in TCU history at center, offensive guard, offensive tackle, tight end, receiver, running back, fullback, quarterback, kicker, punter, kick returner, defensive tackle, defensive end, linebacker, cornerback and safety.

No doubt there will be some surprises – some inclusions and omissions will piss some people off prompt furious debate. So be it. Everyone has their favorite players – Spitblood has never, uh, shied away from opinions.

Spitblood has even called upon a few “experts” to help with the selections, hopefully making sure that no one has been overlooked. Also, no current players – sorry, Matthew Tucker fans – are included.

Beginning tomorrow, we’ll start where TCU has always started – on defense. -- Ed Kamen (’82) Former Spitblood Reader

March Madness Begins

We don't delve into the non-sports world nearly as much as we used to on Spit Blood, but this felt like as good a time as any to change that. The good folks at ESPN's have come up with a best-of-32 bracket in which they'll determine the best character from The Wire.

As you might expect, Omar is the prohibitive favorite. And with good reason- he ranks right up there with Homer Simpson, George Costanza, Walter White and Cliff Huxtable as one of the best television characters of all time. But this is the time of year for upsets, and this contest is anything but objective.

Among those that didn't make the cut were the underused cops Jay Landsman and Ed Norris, as well as the fantastically bitchy Yolanda Bryce the hell did Slim Charles not make it? As for my final four...I'm going with a #1 seed, two #3's and a #7. Omar, McNulty, Bodie and...Frank Sobotka. If you're going to hate on Season 2, you either need to re-watch it or realize that you were watching the show for all of the wrong reasons.

TCU-Oklahoma State recap

As Meat Loaf once said, "2 out of 3 ain't bad". But really, after a 2-5 start to the season, winning this weekend's series against future conference rival Oklahoma State was quite a bit more than just "not bad". With such a young team still learning how to win, the first series victory of the year is definitely a step in the right direction. Here are a few of my thoughts from the weekend:

-Aside from the forgettable starting performances by Andrew Mitchell on Friday and Trey Teakell on Sunday, the TCU pitching staff was really impressive this weekend. Stefan Crichton was absolutely brilliant on Saturday afternoon, allowing just 4 total base runners in 8 shutout innings. The Horned Frog bullpen combined to allow just 1 run in 14.1 innings pitched all weekend (a 0.63 ERA), while allowing the Cowboys to hit just .204 on them. Junior transfers Kevin Allen and Justin Scharf appear to be great compliments to Kaleb Merck at the back end of the 'pen, while freshman Preston Morrison and sophomore Nick Frey have shown they are capable of eating up the middle innings of ballgames.

-One of the underrated parts of learning to win is taking advantage of the gifts that the baseball gods send your way. It's hard to describe how the Frogs forced extra innings on Sunday without using the word "luck". Down 5-4 with two outs in the bottom of the 9th and Davy Wright standing on second base, Jason Coats hit an infield pop-up that appeared to be a game-ender. But inexplicably, OSU catcher Jared Womack dropped the ball, and Wright was able to score as he'd been running on the play. It's nice to get a break like that, but the Frogs made it count when Wright's two-out double in the 10th scored Jerrick Suiter (seen above) as the winning run, after the true freshman had reached on a full-count single.

-Despite the series win, the offensive production still has not yet turned around. The Frogs batted 21 for 92 (.228) as a team this weekend, dropping their season average 4 points to .240. They did get some solid performances, though, from Josh Elander (5 for 10), Jerrick Suiter (5 for 10) and Kyle Von Tungeln (3 for 9).

-We saw Brance Rivera make a cameo appearance on Saturday, putting down a sacrafice bunt in one pinch-hit at bat that drew an ovation from the appreciative Lupton crowd. But we didn't see any of the other injured Frogs, and Von Tungeln joined their ranks when he left Sunday's game early after being hit on the head by an errant pick-off attempt in the 1st inning. No word on when he or any of the others will return, but so far the injury bug that bit this team so hard last year has made a smooth transition into 2012.

-Friday night's crowd of 5,205 was the 5th-largest to see a Frogs' game at Lupton Stadium, and the three-day turnstile count of 13,877 was the 3rd-largest series total in Lupton history. TCU continues to shatter school baseball attendance records year after year, and look for that to continue this year and into next year with the move to the Big 12.

-David Peterson of knows this team (and baseball in general) much better than I do. You should read his thoughts from the week that was for TCU baseball.

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