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Will work* for food

I'm not sure my weekend could've started out any better. Our days of watching Craig James' inferior broadcasting ability on ESPN are apparently over, according to a recent post on Deadspin. An unnamed spokesman for the network, in a conversation with a Sports Illustrated reporter, said that they have no intention of bringing James back after his campaign for Texas' vacant U.S. Senate seat.

That's double bad news for ol' Craigy, because his trainwreck of a campaign appears to be drawing closer and closer to its inevitable dismal conclusion. In a recent debate, James affixed himself to the outdated notion that being gay is a choice, and that they would "have to answer to the Lord for their actions". Whoa! You know who makes claims like that about homosexuality? Closeted homosexuals who are ashamed of who they really are....just sayin'. I generally hate politics, but watching this dumbass go down in flames is going to be more fun than watching A-Rod strike out looking to end the 2010 ALCS.

*- skills include killing hookers, cheating at college football, producing offspring as obnoxiously cocky and entitled as himself, and being a helicopter dad.

Spit Blood Predictions: TCU/New Mexico Hoops

As each recent winter has turned to spring and every level-headed sports fan in America turned into a raving, lunatic basketball junkie, much of the fervor took place without the Frogs playing much of a part. The handful of hardcore TCU basketball fans, myself included, have a wish list scaled down significantly from that of fans at schools like Kansas, Kentucky or UConn. We don't demand national titles, Final 4 appearances or All-America honors for our players. We don't expect Sweet 16 runs or conference titles like many other fanbases do. We just want, at the very least, to get to experience a big-game atmosphere 1 or 2 times a year.

Here's our chance, folks. Let's make it happen.

With 16 wins to their name this season, the 2011-2012 Frogs are already the most successful team TCU has had in recent memory. They've taken down two teams currently ranked in the Top 25 (Virginia and UNLV), and have a chance for a third when #18 New Mexico visits Fort Worth tomorrow night. While Sir Wesley Willis has lamented their road woes, this is a completely different team at home. Thus far, their 12-2 record in the friendly confines of Daniel-Meyer Coliseum has been accomplished without the benefit of a proper (insane) home crowd.

Other than trying to rally the troops for the biggest home game in quite some time, the purpose of this post is to test the Spit Blood readers with their skills at predicting the future. It's time for you to log your predictions for the weekend in TCU sports. In the comments section, let us us know your answer to the following:

-What will be the final score of the TCU-UNM basketball game?

-What will the attendance be? How electric can Frog fans make our cozy home arena?

-Who will be the high scorer for TCU?

-How will the baseball Frogs fare in their tough road series against Cal State-Fullerton?

-Who will shine for Schlossnagle's squad at the plate, on the mound and in the field?

-How many total combined seconds will you watch of the Oscars and the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday?

Top Questions for Spring Practice: #1

Will James Dunbar finally live up to his enormous potential this spring?

One of the major reasons for optimism heading into TCU's first season in the Big 12 is the offensive firepower that the Frogs will bring with them to the new league. Record-breaking quarterback Casey Pachall, potential All-American wide receiver Josh Boyce and a stable full of NFL-caliber running backs will grab a lot of headlines this fall if they lead the Frogs to as many wins as expected. But the foundation of a productive offense is a dominant offensive line, and TCU's need to replace three departed starters makes this unit the top question facing the program entering spring practice.

The two full-time starters returning from last year's squad are center James Fry and right guard Blaize Foltz. Both seniors, Fry and Foltz will need to step up into leadership roles the way Eddie Williamson-coached seniors have done year after year at TCU.

Coming into spring as favorites to fill the starting jobs on the outside of the line are junior James Dunbar at left tackle and sophomore Tayo Fabuluje at right tackle. Dunbar was in a similar situation last year, but failed to capitalize before missing all but five games last season due to academic issues. Fabuluje, who started his college career at BYU, sat out last season per NCAA transfer rules. Pushing them for starting duties this spring will be sophomore Nykiren Wellington as well as redshirt freshmen Carter Wall and Bobby Thompson. None of the three have played a snap at TCU.

Before his dismissal from the team last week, Ty Horn was the likely starter at left guard. Instead, John Wooldridge comes into spring as the leading candidate to start in that slot. A junior from Houston, Wooldridge has played in 12 games over the past two seasons. Gunning for his job will be sophomore Michael Thompson, who was impressive in six games last year before hurting a knee, and redshirt freshman Brady Foltz- Blaize's younger brother. Senior Trevius Jones, who has played in 8 games in his time at TCU, and redshirt freshman Jamelle Naff will provide depth behind the elder Foltz on the right side.

Junior Eric Tausch, a Dallas Jesuit product who has appeared in 14 games over the past two seasons including a start against Portland State last year, is currently listed as Fry's understudy at center.

Like at safety, I wouldn't be surprised to see some mixing and matching all along the offensive line. The coaching staff will want the best five guys in the starting lineup, so you may see players not only moving up and down on the depth chart but perhaps even switching positions along the line. Eric Tausch and Michael Thompson, for instance, among others, could probably slide a slot or two down the line if depth necessitated it.

How do you see the offensive line shaping up this spring? Who will the starters be, and which younger players do you think will open some eyes with their surprising performances? Or are you one of those people who, sans stats, can't tell whether or not an O-lineman is even playing well?

Fratastic Friday

I send you out into the weekend with this. Be smart, don't deal drugs, and lock up any blow torches that might be laying around the house. Follow these three rules guys, and we might just be able to avoid the headlines for a week.

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