Friday, February 10, 2012

Daily Discussion: [Redacted] College Rivalries.

Rivalries are the lifeblood of sport. Rivalries are why you hate someone you have never even met just because they wear a different shirt than you do and its TOTALLY logical. Rivalries are why we look at the TCU schedule, see that we play SMU, Tech and Baylor in succession, and stock up on blood pressure medicine like hibernating bears. Rivalries, and the hate derived therein, are why the 49ers and the Raiders are no longer able to play each other in a pre-season matchup, because their fans might literally murder one another.

But I think - and we are all certainly biased - that NCAA rivalries are the best that there are. You can love your NBA or NFL team, but you're never truly part of it like you are your college team. Embracing a pro sports team knows no loyalty as proximity only sometimes plays a role - just look at the rooting interests of one LeBron James. But when you choose a college team, you choose that team for the rest of your life. Seemingly normal families have holidays weekends ruined because of an Auburn-Alabama game. There probably aren't many doing the same over Lakers/Clippers.

And when you think of the great college rivalries, what immediately comes to mind? HATE. Auburn/Alabama: HATE! UT/OU: HATE! Kansas/Missouri? Probably doesn't spring to mind, but it should because Mizzou fans openly celebrate their ancestors murdering the shit out of a bunch of Kansasans back in the 1800s as a basis for the rivalry. A rivalry emphasizing real life events related to the murdering of citizens in said rival's town? That's some good hate right there.

But even the most "storied" rivalries can have their warts. Take what's going on between Urban Meyer and Brady Hoke at Michigan and Ohio State. Both men BLEED their school's colors-Hoke because he played for the Wolverines and Meyer because he grew up in the region and was a T shirt fan. So you would expect them to be a little more passionate about the "Michigan Man" bullshit and whatever it is to be a true Buckeye than your average mercenary head man. So what do they do, what big, bold statements do they make? Brady Hoke only refers to OSU as "ohio" and Meyer only refers to Michigan as "that school up north." That's it, that's their answer, that's their version of hate. And that pretty much kills that rivalry's significance for me. That's all you got, guys? No stereotypes? No hate speech? We're REALLY supposed to believe not mentioning either school by name is supposed to serve some kind of a big statement?

So this got me to thinking, and I realized that, while probably the most notable, these two are by no means the only offenders. Heck, in our own region we have A&M and their refusal to call Texas by anything other than tu. WE REVERSED YOUR ORDER AND REFUSE TO CAPITALIZE IT, BUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRNNNNNNNN!!!! SMU folks, hardly alone in this particular strategy, actually have license plates reading "TCUWHO" and have sunk to the low point of printing up "TCU SUCKS" shirts for wide distribution. That is, when they aren't putting said money up their nose. Heck, some folks at Texas Tech claim that they have a statue of a horse on their campus, the direction of which causes its ass to face College Station which, if true, probably takes the prize as lamest insult of all time.

In other words, for every Auburn/Alabama tree-killin' hate fest, there's a dog worshipper waiting in the wings ready to zing you with some abbreviation transposin'.

So your discussion question is: What are the gayest college rivalries and traditions you can think of for us to poop on? Merry Friday.

We are SOOOO Famous

If you're looking for a modest post from Spitblood about our subtle mention from the greatness that is The Ticket, then stop reading now. Seriously, stop.

So, for those P1's that already know, which is the better, more intelligent majority of our readers, we got a little on air shout-out from the greatness that is Corby Davidson and The Ticket on Wednesday night. If you don't know why, then you didn't read Lyle's post that consisted of the hilarity that was Corby Davidson and ex-frog Malcolm Williams doing repro man. Again- listen to that or quit reading now.

So why am I bragging about little ole Spitblood posting something from the little ole Marconi award winning radio station 1310 The Ticket? Well, didn't I just answer my own question there? Plain and simple- award winners look out for award winners. They may win big time Marconi's (who the fuck is that? Sounds super gay to me.) and we may just win Fort Worth Weekly's Best Blog on the Planet, but we are pretty much one in the same.

I mean, yeah, a radio shout out isn't really that bad, but it's not the end of the world. It's pretty much like the 10th time that TCU's own (but OU loving) Corby Davidson has mention Spitblood and our greatness on air. You may also see him and his goofy Gene Simmons hairdo (recently buzzed) in our photos holding a GP koozie. Yeah, he tailgates with us sometimes. So do Chris Del Conte, former All-American's Jerry Hughes, Wayne Daniels, and World Series champ and 6+ ERA Red Sox "ace" John Lackey, but who's bragging (I am)? But I digress...

Ok, to the point meow. So yes, we were all thrilled about the Hard Line's mention of Spitblood. We deserve it considering how much $$$ I've spent watching Mike Rhyner sing "Refugee" for Petty Theft. So yeah, we really appreciated it, but that wasn't the end of it. Out of the goodness of my heart (haha), I tweeted at our old friend Corby Davidson in an effort to earn him more followers and said...

"@corbydavidson enjoyed the on-air shout out last night. Glad we could help make you more famous. #egg"

Like I said before, that was just a good faith effort on our part to get Corby, who is marginally metroplex-famous (not Spitblood famous, but getting there) a few dozen more followers. So Corby was nice enough to respond in kind and say...

"@spitbloodtcu god bless you spitblood. Vag"

Seriously, listen to the Repro-Man post or you will be so incredibly lost by this post. It involves an ex-frog. LISTEN!

Moral of the story: You know you've arrived when the most listened to radio show in the great southwest (at least from 3-7) gives you not only a radio shout out, but a twitter back and forth. I'm also just really happy that we could help out a struggling radio personality like Corby Davidson get a little bit of attention. I mean, did you hear the old geezer and NYC personality Mike Francesa treat him like a stepchild that should've been aborted? Seriously readers, the poor guy only makes $37.5K (allegedly), so maybe we should quit with the Purple People Seater's campaign and just have a "Buy Corby a TCU Ticket" campaign. Seems more noble to me, and maybe we'll get another radio mention for it...

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