Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is THIS TCU's 2012 Schedule?

MY SOURCES HAVE bynomeans CONFIRMED that this is TCU's 2012 schedule. Peruse it and offer your thoughts in the comments after I indulge a few of my own:

9-1 @ Oklahoma St.
9-8 Grambling
9-15 open
9-22 Virginia
9-29 @ SMU
10-6 Texas Tech
10-13 @ Baylor
10-20 Iowa St.
10-27 @ W Virginia
11-3 Oklahoma
11-10 Kansas St.
11-17 open
11-22 @ Texas (Thanksgiving)
11-29 @ Kansas

  • Opening with OSU? Whoo boy, welcome to the Big 12!
  • The bye week before Texas is a nice bonus, although I'd presume they have one as well
  • Late October-mid November should be fun with a game in Morgantown followed by the OU/KSU back to backs. Again, welcome to the Big 12!
  • Ending the season with Kansas will fill the annual UNLV/UNM easy season ender we've become accustomed to.
  • SMU, Tech and Baylor in back to back to back weeks? HATE! HATE! HATE! I seriously might combust.

Daily Discussion: More Conference Shuffling

Memphis football: BCS worthy, apparently

While it appears the TCU's new landing spot in the Big 12 is stable (at least for now), the conference realignment drama that has plagued us for going on two years continues this week. With West Virginia on the way out and just about all of the legacy members looking for their own escape, the Big East this week went out and watered down their football conference even more by plucking Memphis away from Conference USA. While this move doesn't directly affect the Frogs, the continued shifts in conference affiliation may have an effect on future scheduling strategies and postseason structure in a number of sports.

But Memphis to the Big East doesn't appear that it'll be the final aftershock in this elongated seismic event. Immediately following the Tigers' departure, CUSA reached out to Temple to gauge the Owls' interest in leaving the MAC...which was their landing spot after being kicked to the curb by the Big East a few years back. The circle of life. Then again, there are the persistent rumors that CUSA and the Mountain West could dissolve and form a brand-new, more than likely awkwardly-named conference.

So who do you think will be the next undeserving football program to be tapped with the magic BCS wand? Or will that even matter in three years? How do you see these mid-level conferences shaping up once all of the shuffling is finished. Or will it ever be finished?

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