Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meet the Future Frogs: AJ Hilliard

Once the 2011 squad hit the practice field at the end of the summer, the TCU coaching staff took a break from recruiting. That's actually probably not true at all, but they did take a few months off from procuring any commitments from future Horned Frogs. That hiatus ended in late November, when AJ Hilliard became the 15th member of TCU's 2012 recruiting class.

Hilliard is a 6'2" 215lb linebacker from Klein Oak, which is just north of Houston for those of you not familiar with the area. He totaled 101 tackles along with 4 sacks and 2 interceptions his junior year, which was good enough to earn him three stars from Rivals. They also listed him as the 21st-best outside linebacker in the country and the 72nd-best overall recruit in Texas.

A player with Hilliard's size, speed (he runs a 4.6 forty) and versatility (he has a 30-inch vertical leap) is going to garner a lot of attention from college recruiters. He received scholarship offers from coast to coast, deciding at first to commit to the University of Arizona. But he always had TCU in his mind as his college destination, so when he was offered he accepted almost immediately back in November.

I couldn't find his highlight film on youtube, so those of you that don't have a subscription to purplemenace will just have to trust me: this kid is a prototypical TCU linebacker. He's fast, hits hard and has a great knack for getting to the ball carrier. He also wore #46 in high school, so you know he's ready to fit right into the somewhat unorthodox numbering system that Horned Frog linebackers have adhered to under Patterson.

Live Chat w/ Del Conte @ 3:00pm

He once caught a fish THIS big

TCU Athletic Director Chris Del Conte is hosting a live chat on at 3:00pm today. He's usually answers most of the questions fairly evasively, but there are always still a few informative nuggets to take out of the whole thing. As usual, you'll win some sort of super-special prize if you can get him to mention Use the link below to enter the live chat at 3:00pm, or you can submit your questions right now:

Chris Del Conte Live Chat

Basketball Team Tounament Bound!

Men's basketball TCU vs. Air Force
Adrick McKinney bein' all basketball lookin'.

Well, at least Mountain West Tournament bound, but last night was one step closer to finishing in the upper tier of the Conference and sneaking into one of the various post-season tournaments.

In a performance similar to the comeback win over Boise this past weekend, the Frogs fell behind early, fought back and held on by the skin of their teeth/defense and pulled out 59-56 win over Air Force. As a friendly reminder, the members of the Air Force team play basketball as a secondary endeavor, so I'm not sure what we should make of this exactly. Also in the, "not sure what to make of it" category, the game was essentially over with 2:58 remaining, as neither team scored over the remainder of the game from that point. On the one hand, yaaaaay defense! On the other hands, sad face offense! But, with this team, you finish the job however you can, and a win will always be considered a win.

Leading the charge for the Frogs was the once dominant, more recently quiet, JR Cadot with an all around performance. He was second on the team with 13 points and first with 7 board, 3 assists, 2 steals and 3 blocked shots. Not a bad day at the office. Cadot opened up the season with a string of strong performances and quickly earned the reputation of being, if not our best, at least our most aggressive player, and he showed what he's capable of last night. Also showing what he's capable of was Hank Thorns who tossed in 22 points to go along with that measly 1 assist. I used to argue that Thorns should work more on being a distributor at the point, but the recent results suggest otherwise. As a team, the Frogs out rebounded, out-assisted, out-blocked, out-stole and pretty much out-everything'd the Falcons.

And now, some humbling facts.

With the W, TCU doubled their Conference win total from last year with 2, eclipsed their overall win total with 12 and won Consecutive Conference games for the first time in THREE seasons. The year was 2009, the future was brighter after the Dark Days and Zvonko Buljan was being given free college tuition, room and board to play college basketball. The Frogs would go 14-17 that year and get knocked out in the first round of the Conference Tourney. Call me crazy, but I think they do a little bit better this year, at least record wise. Seriously, you can call me crazy, I don't mind.

Next up for TCU is a date with the New Mexico Lobos this Saturday in Methbuquerque. The Lobos have an identical 2-2 Conference record, so you could frame this as a PIVOTAL Conference placing matchup, but you'd be kind of a dumbass if you did so. Besides that, New Mexico has only lost to San Diego State and UNLV, two teams that are not only the class of the MWC, but of college basketball overall. Their resume is a just a tad bit more impressive. Regardless, if you're dicking around Saturday at 5:00 in the afternoon, turn on the Mountain and give it a look.

Maybe it's a Big Ten thing?

A sexual deviant with THAT facial hair? You don't say...

More than a year removed from the Rose Bowl victory, you might think that it's a little excessive to still be piling on Wisconsin. Then again, those people were just TERRIBLE. Up until now, I thought the only thing Big Ten folks all had in common was their horrifically-overrated football teams and the fact that even their women could probably make a decent living as a shopping mall Santa. Turns out that at Wisconsin, much like Penn State, employees of the athletic department like to use their position of power to put their hands on younger males' junk.

The guy you see above in John Chadima, who until very recently was a Senior Associate Athletic Director at Wisconsin. The night before this year's Rose Bowl (which you'll remember, the Badgers lost to Oregon when overly-angry coach Brett Bielema forgot how long a second was), Chadima hosted a party at his Los Angeles hotel. At the party, Chadima used university funds to buy alcohol- including for under-aged kids. As everyone was leaving, he asked one male UW student-worker to stay behind and have a drink with him. He then proceeded to stick his hands down the kids' pants and, after being told not to do so, told the kid he could have him fired from his job.

You do have to give credit to the Wisconsin administration for at least swiftly acting on this, forcing Chadima out of his job very quickly after the incident. But after all of the bullshit we received from Badger fans before and after our little ol' private school beat their big, bad Big Ten champs, they deserve to have their athletic department dragged through the mud over this a little bit.

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