Friday, January 20, 2012

Shock Linwood to Baylor...

Per his twitter feed. I guess he fell in love with the Waco scenery and plethora of pale, chubby virgins patrolling the campus. Mark this under who gives a shit. If we lose Daje I'll be bummed, but I'm not gonna get too butt-hurt about losing the next Donald Massey.

Okay, so maybe I'm in a little bit of a sour mood...

Meet the Future Frogs: Jaden Oberkram

I don't think I have to tell you that the place-kicking job at TCU is open now that a certain #37 has exhausted his eligibility. The TCU coaching staff addressed this anticipated opening and went out to recruit a kicker. They held a special camp for kickers and punters last June, and a week later had a commitment from Arlington Martin's Jaden Oberkram.

Like Ethan Perry, the incoming Frog punter, Oberkram is not a small guy. At 6'3", he's one of the taller place-kickers you'll see. He's got a big leg, too- having once hit a 54-yard field goal in a playoff game and having connected from 60+ on occasion in practice. That leg strength will pay off on kick offs, an area of the game that TCU has struggled at for years.

I had a hard time tracking down Oberkrom's official stats, and there were some whispers of him being benched for part of this last fall because of a disagreement with his coaches. I don't want to speculate any further on that issue, but wanted to acknowledge that it is out there. Either way, judge for yourself by watching him in action:

Daily Discussion: Super Bowl Possibilities

Most of our readers are Cowboys, Texans, Bengals or Saints fans- with probably another good chunk of folks that don't care for the NFL at all. So there aren't a whole lot of us with a dog still in the NFL playoff hunt. But since there are just three meaningful football games left until September, I think it's worth a daily discussion to try to decide which two teams we'd like to see facing each other in Indianapolis in two weeks. Let's take a look at the possible match ups:

Patriots vs. Giants: Classic Super Bowl rematch
-I'm not sure which of these teams I dislike more. If the East Coast of the United States is good for one thing, it's annoying sports fans. And shitty weather. And stupid-sounding accents. And faux-intellectuals. All that being said, the last time these two teams squared off in the Super Bowl, it was one of the most exciting games I've ever watched.

Ravens vs. Giants: Meh Super Bowl rematch
-Casual football fans probably don't remember that the Ravens have won a Super Bowl, and even some die-hards probably don't remember their boring 34-7 win over the Kerry Collins-led Giants back in January of 2001. It's one of those very random-feeling championship match ups that you'd never expect to repeat itself- you know, like Mavs vs. Heat. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily rooting for this scenario, but I might like to make some Brother Mouzone references it if does end up being Bodymore vs. New York.

Patriots vs. 49ers: Guaranteed Ring for a Frog
-The national media will play this game up as the Team of the '80s vs. the Team of the '00s, but that'll be a different story from how it's played up amongst TCU fans. Last year, former Frog Marshall Newhouse won a Super Bowl ring in his rookie season when the Packers defeated the Steelers at Jerruh World. It'll happen again if the Super Bowl ends up being New England against San Francisco, as Marcus Cannon and Malcolm Williams are Patriots rookies and Colin Jones is in his first year as a pro with the 49ers.

Ravens vs. 49ers: The Harbaugh Bowl
-Those of you that are only children probably aren't rooting for this match up, but the rest of us have to be at least a little bit intrigued at the prospect of two siblings facing each other on the biggest stage in all of sports. And you know with two guys as intense and competitive as head coaches John and Jim Harbaugh, they will pull out all the stops to beat each other. Then again, with Tim Tebow out of the playoffs, Sportscenter needs another story to beat us over the head with and fill 85% of their air time with. By the time this one kicked off, we might be so tired of the brother vs. brother angle that we'd want both teams to lose.

Since it's Friday and you're not doing any real work at the office today, you ought to have plenty of time to share your thoughts in the comments section. Which of these do you want to see, and why?

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