Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meet the Future Frogs: (maybe?) Daje Johnson

Just about every year, TCU will lose one of their prized recruits who change their mind about spending their college years in Fort Worth. Some of them do it quietly, others after publicly flirting with other schools for months. Then there are kids who like the attention other schools heap on them after they make a commitment and continue to visit other schools and hear their sales pitches without any real intention of switching. Right now, the folks that follow TCU recruiting are trying to decide into which of these categories Daje Johnson fits.

Johnson, a 5'10" 185lb athlete from Pflugerville's Hendrickson High, isn't one of those kids who is listed as an "athlete" because he doesn't have a true position. Instead, he's listed as such because he runs a 4.34 forty and appears to be moving in fast-forward compared to his teammates and opponents. At the beginning of his recruiting process, he was thought of mostly as a prospect to play cornerback in college. Dave Campbell's Texas Football listed him as a 3rd Team Super Team defensive back prior to his senior season.

But then he exploded this past fall- rushing for 2,178 yards and 26 TDs and catching 28 passes for 496 yards and 6 more scores. Oh, and he returned a punt for a touchdown too. On one hand, that's a lot of potential offensive production to leave on the table. On the other, that's the kind of athletic ability that just screams 1st round money if it's lined up on defense. Either way, the folks at Rivals love him- they gave him four stars and ranked him as the 29th-best overall recruit in Texas.

Back to the point I was trying to get to in the first paragraph, though- if there is one kid I'm afraid may decommit from TCU before Signing Day, it's Johnson. He took an official visit to Cal in December, and has been rumored to be in talks with just about every school in the Big 12. Now comes word, via the twitter feed of's Jason Suchomel that Johnson will be taking an official visit to Texas. Texas generally doesn't invite kids for a visit unless they plan on offering, and they don't usually offer a scholarship until they know that it'll be accepted.

If he does end up opting for the stomach-acid orange instead of purple, I've got no hard feelings for him. For a kid who grew up in the Austin area, I could understand if he had dreamed of playing for the Longhorns and I'd wish him the best in his time at UT. Sure, I'd boo him lustily when he was on the field against the Frogs, but I think TCU would be just fine without him.

All that being said, I sure hope he sees the light and decides that playing for TCU is his top priority:

Reminder: Basketball in Action Tonight.

Just a reminder that the Frogs are in action tonight against UNLV at 9:30PM on the mtn. Typically in this space we'll have at least a moderately lucid preview, but since the Frogs enter the game as a 19 point underdog, I didn't really want to waste the keystrokes. Regardless, I like Hank Thorns' attitude, via the S-T.

"We just need to buckle down on defense and keep guys out of the paint," TCU guard Hank Thorns said. "I think we need a [late 1980s] Detroit Pistons-type attitude; we can't come out with smiles. We need to come out with a chip on our shoulder and take everything personal."

Uhh, THIS, anyone:

Rough Start for the Hooker Killer

Our old friend and Jack the Ripper impersonator Craig James isn't off to a very good start in his campaign to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison in the US Senate. According to the Houston Chronicle, the former SMU employee is polling at just 4%. Four percent? That's almost an entire point for every prostitute he murdered during his college days!

I'm joking, of course. I don't think the fact* that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU has anything to do with his polling numbers. According to the Chronicle, he is struggling because "he's largely unknown and unpopular amongst those that do know him." Then again, perhaps they were unusually popular hookers who held an inordinate amount of political sway? Nah, it's probably just because he's a douche bag.

If you're like me and want to get Craig to sign your copy of Swing Your Sword, you might want to become acquainted with the events page on his campaign website. He's got an event in Plano on February 4th, and is only charging $100/head to attend.

*- I use the term "fact" here fairly liberally as there has been, to this point, no evidential proof that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU. It may be beneficial to open up a line of dialogue in the comments section to state our thoughts on whether or not is is true that CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU.

Daily Discussion: WVU in 2012?

It's been funny to hear fans of our new-found Big 12 rivals complain that it's late January and the football schedule hasn't come out yet. After all, in the MWC we were used to having to wait until March or even early April for the football schedule every year.

We're pretty sure now that TCU will be taking aggy's spot in the home/away rotation, meaning the Frogs will face Oklahoma, Kansas State, Iowa State and Texas Tech at home while traveling to Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma State and Kansas. The hold up in making any of this official is the precarious situation of West Virginia, who still does not know whether or not they'll be allowed to join the Big 12 next year. Read more about their scenario here and here. If they do end up joining at the same time as TCU, the prevailing thought is that the Frogs would venture up to Morgantown this fall.

So what do you think? Will the Mountaineers be able to muscle their way past the Big East lawyers in time to join the Big 12 this year? Or will rising senior Geno Smith torch that league for one more year before they make the switch?

Oh, and as a completely-unrelated bonus item for this post- I know you all hate Wisconsin, so here's a funny video of some drunk female Packers fan crying about their loss to the Giants.

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