Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's your time of year, recruitniks!

We've received a number of emails throughout the last year, mostly in the past few weeks, telling us that we need to have more recruiting content on our blog. Well, for those of you hungry for more content about Coach Patterson & his staff's efforts to woo the next wave of talent to Fort Worth, I've got some good news and some bad news for you.

First, the bad news: if you're REALLY into recruiting, we're not going to be of much use to you. With a completely unpaid staff, even an award-winning one such as ours, just doesn't have the time or the resources to track down any kind of inside scoop on the decision-making process of high school kids. If you want that kind of stuff, I highly suggest purchasing a subscription (or at least signing up for a free seven-day trial) on purplemenace.com. Jeremy Clark and Jeremiah Glenn do a pretty outstanding job of keeping us all informed of what's new in the world of TCU recruiting over there. I guess we could just steal their content and post it for free over here, but we don't consider ourselves to be THAT big of assholes.

The good news is that we do have a whole lot of recruiting content on the way between now and Signing Day, which falls on Wednesday, February 1st this year. One by one, we'll be introducing you to the players currently committed to TCU. We'll start with the guys slated to play in some high-profile All-Star games this week and weekend, move on to the guys who'll be lacing it up with the Frogs in spring practice, and then the rest of the bunch that'll be joining the team next fall. These profiles will mostly be written for those of you that haven't been following recruiting on a daily basis for the past 12 months, but even you die-hards might learn a thing or two.

Daily Discussion: Basketball Attendance

I don't want to accuse anyone out there of being a fair-weather fan, because it's only natural that a highly successful program (like TCU football) will be supported more than a struggling one (like TCU basketball). And unless you don't have a job, live next door to the arena and can get in for free, you've probably got a number of excuses why you haven't been going to TCU basketball games this year. I know I do.

This brings me to today's daily discussion question. The Frogs have nine remaining home games, including one tomorrow night against Rice. Based on your personal situation in terms of time constraints, geography and budget- how many of those games are you likely to attend in person?

If the basketball program were as successful as the football and baseball programs, how would that change your answer? And what about the remaining home games on the women's basketball schedule?

Wisconsin loses another Rose Bowl

Hmmmm, maybe it's a Big Ten thing?

After having to listen to the overconfident and overweight Badger fans telling me how the Frogs had zero chance before last year's Rose Bowl, and then reading their excuses for months afterward on the Wisconsin message boards, I have to say I wasn't sorry to see them go down again in Pasadena yesterday, 45-38 against Oregon.

Hey Brett Bielema, maybe instead of fussing with that ridiculous hair gel and running up the score against Indiana or Purdue, you should learn your clock management skills from someone other than Jason Garrett. Your team played a pretty good game, but calling a timeout to challenge a meaningless call and then not understanding that 2 seconds isn't long enough to spike the ball cost them victory.

And hey, with LaMichael James heading off to the NFL, maybe Wisconsin can attempt a measure of revenge by asking Oregon to cancel an already-scheduled game to come play the Badgers in Madison without a return trip to Eugene? If the Ducks decline, your dough-faced, nasal-voiced fans can all claim that they're scared!

In all seriousness, though, congratulations to Oregon. Knowing how big a deal it is to win in Pasadena- especially to those west coast schools- it was cool to see the Ducks celebrate their first Rose Bowl victory since 1917.