Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Great Week For TCU Football

Instead of dwelling on the negative that was the OU game and some of the worst officiating I've seen in years, I thought I'd bring a few positive news nuggets to Spitblood instead with regards to our football program.

On Monday, TCU received its 15th football commitment for the year and arguably the biggest name of the bunch, Arlington Martin RB Kyle Hicks.  He's rated as a 4 star recruit by rivals, the 21st best RB in the country, and the 34th best player in the state of Texas for 2013.  He's also a good friend and former teammate of current TCU great Devonte Fields, so perhaps we have Mr. Fields to thank a little bit for this one as well.  At 5'10 190, he looks to have potential to add bulk to his frame and become a serious force in the TCU backfield in the not so distant future.  He had surgery on a torn ACL Tuesday, so we wish Kyle a speedy recovery and can't wait to see him in purple.

Perhaps the most exciting part about this get for TCU, however, is the fact that he decommitted from Texas to join the Frogs.  Beating them on the field is always priority #1, but after the crotch kick that was the Daje Johnson recruitment last year and amongst several other high profile recruiting battles we've lost to that mediocre squad in Austin, this one sure feels good.  Hicks, perhaps smarter than many of his fellow former future teammates, may see the writing on the wall in Austin and would rather spend 4-5 years winning and around a stable program.  Great call, Kyle.  Here are some highlights for y'all to drool over now.

In other news, there's been plenty of speculation as well that Coach Patterson is in talks to extend his contract and undoubtedly receive a hefty pay bump.  Not only is this much deserved, but it should put a muzzle on all the silly rumors flying around about him going to Austin.  Mack Brown will probably coach that team into the ground for at least one more season anyways, so there really was nothing to fear that at all.  Stefan Stevenson broke the news via the twitter and said raises and extensions are expected for the staff, but nothing has been finalized yet.

Also, of those 3 remaining middle tier SEC jobs that had Frog fans uneasy, only one remains.  Arkansas made a big splash today, albeit not as big of a splash as they wanted to make, by stealing former super butt hurt crybaby TCU opponent and all-around cocky asshole Midwesterner Bret Bielema away from a very average Wisconsin team.  From Rose Bowl bound with 5 losses to boarding a sinking ship in Arkansas, I'd say he made a pretty lateral move with the exception of the substantial pay raise he'll get at Arky.  After hearing the names Gary Patterson, Les Miles, Chris Petersen, and Mike Gundy as potential candidates for that job, I think it's safe to say Arky didn't get their top choice there.  They tried to get the 2011 Rose Bowl champion coach, but had to settle for the runner up.  Tough break there.  Also, Auburn hired former OC Gus Malzahn, so they're clearly intent on going back to their spread offense/pay the hell out of our QB ways that led them to a national title with sCam Newton.  The only job left now is Tennessee, and if I had to guess I'd bet Charlie Strong heads that way pretty soon.

Finally, there could be potentially good (or bad) recruiting news coming within the next couple of days as well.  With all due respect for those pay sites out there, that's all I'll say on the topic until info either does or does not become public.  It's already been a great week for TCU, and it could possibly get better.  Stay tuned...


VikingFrog said...

Kyle Hicks should use the same surgeon as Adrian Peterson so he actually get's better after an ACL tear.

Ed said...

If for some reason you don't have time to watch the whole video, watch these three plays at: 5:34, 6:24, and 7:20. The play at 6:24 will remind you of Kerley's magical punt return.

Reed said...