Wednesday, November 14, 2012

TCU Men's Hoops 2-0

Kyan Anderson Mountain West Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals

Admittedly I'm not a big TCU basketball follower, and wins over Cal Poly 53-46 and something called Centenary College 75-47 don't exactly have me jumping for joy yet, but 2-0 is 2-0.  Early on the offense has been paced by speedy PG Kyan Anderson (11.5 ppg) as well as lanky forward Amric Fields (11 ppg).  Anderson also leads the team in assists and steals, and he's one of the quicker guards I've seen at TCU, including the recently departed Hank Thorns Jr.  Next up for the Frogs is the SMU Ponies and the more famous new head coach in the Metroplex, Larry Brown.  It's tomorrow night at 7 in the DMC, so head over and check them out and support what hopefully is a basketball team heading in the right direction under new head coach Trent Johnson.  

Johnson also is in the midst of signing one of the top recruiting classes we've seen at TCU in quite a while with the signings of 3 players today, 4 star Center Karviar Shepherd from Dallas Prime Prep, 3 star SG Brandon Parish from Arlington Seguin, and PG Michael Williams from SA Reagan.  


VikingFrog said...

Supposedly Trent Johnson is a hardass and doesn't take much shit. Hope this keeps our guys focused. I know we will not compete for a big 12 title or anything like that, but it would be nice to see us compete.

Side note. I flipped on the tv last night and k state was beating some no name team 60 something to 7. 7!

Isn't there a point in time where you let the other team score a little just to give them some hope?

FrogHorn07 said...

The game against Cal Poly was close, really close, we were down several times. We probably can at least split wins with Tech in conference! Other than that I am not sure. And yes, KSU look dominate against their doormat opponent. Kansas also looked good versus Sparty.

Tanner said...

Centenary College is located in my hometown and I took the ACT there.

I copied that text from their "about us" profile.

FrogHorn07 said...

We have to beat SMU tonight!