Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Morning Gloatfest

The 39-38 double-overtime win over West Virginia was glorious.  Here are some highlight videos that will allow you to savor the win like some leftover lasagna. The only downside is that most of us don't know work with any West Virginia alumni. I do. I promise to gloat with class for most of the day tomorrow. The feature I'm looking forward to the most this week is sour grapes.

Here are the fox highlights that won't embed.

This is a sample of my TCU twitter feed after the second OT touchdown.


Gringo1873 said...

Way to go Frogs

Snowfrog said...

I was running around BW3's like a maniac. So awesome, great game FROGS!

Skeptical Frog said...

Nice to see Yahoo finally got their shit together. They had WVU with a phantom TD and the win for hours after the game yesterday.

Skeptical Frog said...

Also, more fun facts:
9 of 12 CUSA teams currently have losing records. Teams from CUSA going to Big East: 16-20

Oh yeah, and San Diego State beat Boise on the Smurf. Looks like BSU might leave without ever having won a MWC title.

TCUWINS said...

Total WVU clip in the back on the punt return, have not been impressed all year by Big 12 officiating. Despite that, Way to go Frogs!

Lyle Lanley said...

Whatever the opposite of a temper tantrum is, I threw a giant one when Boyce scored on the 94-yarder. There was shrieking involved. I am completely unashamed.