Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Morning Dump: 11/28

Does the Sooner defense catch a break this week? - Crimson and Cream Machine
TCU has chance to take another step against OU - Fox Sports SW
Patterson could change tradition to help TCU at home - Star-Telegram
TCU's defense has improved steadily to finish strong - Star-Telegram
GMFP still listening, but TCU has a lot to offer - Star-Telegram Gil Lebreton
K-State's Snyder still favors a Big 12 championship game -
How TCU gashed Texas on a simple zone read - Burnt Orange Nation
How GP keeps building elite defenses: Recruiting Perspective - SBNation

Auburn list expands to include GMFP -

Women's Basketball:
Women to face SMU tonight -
Basketball faces SMU Wednesday -


Skeptical Frog said...

Louisville to ACC sounds like more than a rumor:

I still think the B12 should have moved to pick up Louisville and somebody else. U of L might be the best "free agent" left in the world outside the Big 4. Unless the ACC really starts sliding, in which case Florida State wouldn't be bad.
And Louisville would have been sweet to have for Basketball.

Skeptical Frog said...

And in other realignment news, the ponies are being super delusional and freaked out again: